I love New Year’s resolutions. Until about February, that is. But this year I resolved to keep my resolutions. Hah. And yes, as one of my resolutions is the all-popular “lose weight” scenario. My resolution is more just to be healthy, though . . . I think. I’m taking nutrition this semester which is going to be an awesome class. I really get into that type of thing. You should go to The food pyramid was changed about a year ago, and that website helps layout a tailored food consumption guide. Pretty cool, actually.

So anyways, I’ve been drinking a lot more water (80-90 oz. a day). Did you know you’re supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces every day? Ok, so I don’t know how to phrase it to get it across . . . let me do an example. If someone weighs 100 lbs. they’re supposed to drink 50 oz. of water daily. And please, don’t think I weigh 160-180 lbs. because I don’t. I like it because I just feel so much cleaner.


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