Mack 223

Only 3 full days of classes have come and gone and I’m already somewhat overwhelmed. I mean, I know that every semester I always think . . . What have I gotten myself into? . . . and every semester I make it through just fine and completely sane at the end. It’s true that this is the biggest load I’ve ever had, but chances are I’ll still make it.

Not to mention I don’t have to worry about having a painting or drawing class on my back. Whew. Only design this semester, thank goodness.

Oh . . . should I say happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day? I don’t know what you say on MLK Day. So whatever should be said, consider it said to you.

Did I mention that I moved rooms right before the end of last semester? Well, I did. And so now I have 3 new roommates which are completely awesome. Lynley, Jen, & Kelly. We’re going to have a fun semester. I can tell already.

In fact, the other night they decided to play a trick on me. Due to the fact that I work for Vintage, they thought they would leave me a surprise when I came back to go to bed.

Normally, I just use my cell phone as my light when I’m walking around the room and trying to get ready for bed. At this point of the night, I was ready to sleep. So I climbed up in my bed, put my blankets down . . . this may be a foreign idea to those of you who don’t attend BJU, but basically it’s for privacy. It’s like having curtains for your bed. It keeps the light out and some noise occassionally . . . so I did all that and was setting my alarms on my phone when I noticed this weird pattern by my pillow.

I thought to myself . . . What is that? Did somebody put a hat in my bed? When I went to further investigate, i.e., moved my phone away from my face a little further, I saw eyes. And a nose. And I almost fell out of the bed. It was a head. One of those cosmotology model heads. The pattern I saw was the buzzed hair. So, instead of screaming, I decided to try to catch my breath and remove the head from beside my pillow. When I went to pick it up, though, the hair freaked me out even more because of the texture. I definitely jumped and then grabbed the head and threw it out the blankets. It almost landed on the heater. Then it took me about 10 minutes to regain composure and laugh about the whole thing to myself.

My roommates denied the whole thing the next morning and blamed it on my RA. But they confessed later! See, I told you we were gonna have fun! They also soaped my toothbrush. Peach soap has an amazing effect on teeth. Sparkly white smile!


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