It’s Just a Car

This week was a pretty fun week. Valentine’s Day was ok because we had a party over here at my sister’s for all the single girls we hang out with. We had a homecooked meal and a chocolate fondue fountain for dessert. It was a good alternative to spending the evening on campus feeling sorry for myself. Lol.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I spent most of the day in the office hanging out with Vintage friends. We always have really interesting conversations.

Today we had vespers which always takes away a lot of time from my afternoon it seems. I tried to get some studying done for my food prep test tomorrow, and I did actually get all my index cards made up, so I just need to finish studying those tonite. Anyways, something crazy happened. Continue reading


Interesting Week . . .

I think my entries might start getting longer. My blog is now blocked from BJU people. So I guess updates will come on the weekends for pretty much no one to read. To be honest, my blog isn’t really known to anyone. Continue reading

Package Design

My next graphic design project is a package design. I’m pretty excited about it, and I hear it’s pretty much the favorite project of most design students. At least here. I have a few ideas of subjects, but deciding which one is always the hardest part of any project for me. It’s so much easier for someone to just assign me something and let me go design.

Anyways, my ideas are some new type of packaging for Fresh Market’s products – the ones that are actually theirs. Their packaging is a little weak . . . it’s just those annoying plastic containers which are a struggle to get open and closed. Let’s see, another one is designing a cool setup for the Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System. Right now it just comes in a clear plastic bag. I think it would be nice to have some type of stand or box you could carry back and forth to the bathroom or maybe even “display” it in. (Can you tell I live in a dorm? Most people would probably just leave it in the bathroom.) I also thought about doing something else with a cosmetic line, but those are actually pretty good normally. Household products have struggles with their packaging sometimes . . . think of the yellow rubber gloves and stuff.

Oh well. A friend of mine told me food is the best option. Maybe that’s because on the product testing day you can just keep on eating without feeling guilty. I have till Tuesday to decide, though. So this weekend may be spent at the stores. Won’t that be fun.

Day O’ Prayer

This year, Day O’ Prayer falls on Groundhog’s Day. I wonder if that’s a coincidence. DoP is always a refreshing time for me. I enjoy the time spent in prayer, but it’s also like half a day of rest, too. Which is SO needed. It’s funny because Christmas was only 38 days ago (if I’m doing the math right). Actually, that’s really not funny.

So anyway, this past weekend my sister moved apartments. Her new roommate is pretty much the coolest. I helped move them in and my parents came over, too, so it was just a party all weekend. (I’m slightly exaggerating. My parents were in bed by 10:00 on Saturday nite).

On that note, I think I’m going to take a small siesta before swimming.