It’s Just a Car

This week was a pretty fun week. Valentine’s Day was ok because we had a party over here at my sister’s for all the single girls we hang out with. We had a homecooked meal and a chocolate fondue fountain for dessert. It was a good alternative to spending the evening on campus feeling sorry for myself. Lol.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I spent most of the day in the office hanging out with Vintage friends. We always have really interesting conversations.

Today we had vespers which always takes away a lot of time from my afternoon it seems. I tried to get some studying done for my food prep test tomorrow, and I did actually get all my index cards made up, so I just need to finish studying those tonite. Anyways, something crazy happened.

Kirsten and I went to my car so we could leave for church. Normally, I park it so that I’m just ready to drive out, but today was different because I went to Jason’s Deli for lunch, so when I came back I didn’t need to drop anyone off, so I just parked without turning it around. (Anyways . . . way to make a short story long . . .) So we were driving down in front of the dorms, and some idiot opened their car door like right in front of me, and Kirsten and I both were like, “Wow.” But I dodged it. Not 5 seconds later, another car crashed into my front right side. I was not a very happy person. So I pulled off to the side and parked, got out to assess the damage, all the while thinking how aggravated I was that my car was damaged. When I turned around to go talk to the girl, it was Nicole. She just happens to be a friend of mine. So then I was cool. Honestly, my car wasn’t that bad. The front bumper is slightly loose, and the headlight is cracked. The little cover thingie over the tire (I’m such a guy when it comes to cars – lol) was rubbing against my tired, but I was able to pull it out slightly so it only rubs when I make a turn or go over a large bump.

Here’s another shout-out to Bob Jones University’s Public Safety. I called in the accident probably 3 minutes after it happened (I called Dad first, of course), but they didn’t show up until roughly 10 minutes later. I know our campus isn’t that big. Yeah. Not to mention that he drove by and looked directly at me. I smiled and nodded as if to say, “Yes, we’re right here. We had the accident.” Amazingly, he continued to drive past us. I really don’t understand that. 2 minutes later he was back.

Nicole felt awful, but she just didn’t look before she pulled out. It was really not a big deal. Her car is worse than mine. She lost power steering and the headlight was coming out. It was her first accident, so I’m glad it could at least be me instead of some irate person.


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