A Little R&R

Wow. It’s so nice to be home. I’m really killing my grades, though. I should be working on homework right now . . . mainly that directory project for CpS. John is going to be so happy, but I’m sure he hasn’t touched it either.

So since I haven’t posted in a while, maybe I should give a quick update on what hasn’t been happening in my life.

I know you’re all wondering the same thing. And yes, I’m still single. Which is fine by me. :) Don’t worry, I think I have a deal with God. He’ll work everything out in His perfect timing and I’ll fall in love with the guy. Pretty simple if you ask me. There are so many verses about trusting in God. (Psalm 37:4-7, Proverbs 16:3,9) People always say trust is the basis of any relationship, and who should be easier to trust than God? I mean, really. He knows everything and He loves me. No worries.

My car is fixed and has been for several weeks. Probably months, now actually. Good old Ralph hooked me up.

Now that we’re down to final projects and stuff, things are getting crazy. I just realized that I have a LOT to do next week. Including another verse test in doctrines. Not to mention I don’t even know what our final typography project is. Oops.

Um, little rabbit trail here, but I made this super amazing lava cake stuff tonite. It was delicious. First time I’ve made something like that. And tomorrow nite is my big salmon dinner with everything. It’ll be the first actual meal I do solely by myself. I’m excited.

Anyways, just two weeks till the end of school. And y’know what? I’m going to miss it. Not necessarily school, not the classes, not even really the people in my classes . . . but those Vintage people. Talk about getting to know people. You spend so much time with some of them. It’s not even that I know any of them all that well, I just kinda like having ’em around.

I guess when I really realized that we all care about each other was when I had SUCH a rough day a few weeks ago. It was like I had 3-4 big brothers who were all ready to “deck the shark” if need be. Not that any of that was necessary, but it was just nice to know that someone had my back.

Now that I think about it, I was like so frustrated at one point last year that I sat down and just had a little conversation with Jesus. I told him that I don’t have to have a boyfriend . . . obviously it would be nice, but who has time right now . . . lol. Anyways, I just wanted some guy friends. People who I could talk to and joke around with. It’s amazing to me to see how He’s been working in my life lately. Just like putting me into situations, lining things up. It’s Him. And sometimes I’m not completely positive I’m making the right decision, but I just pray that doors will close. Like with camp, for instance. Going, I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I had prayed about it and stuff, and getting accepted was kinda my go-ahead. But looking back, the changes that took place because of stuff that happened this summer, yeah . . . I know it was right. And now God has me right where I’m supposed to be. So we’ll see what happens this summer. I’m excited!

This is getting way too long, so I should probably stop now. And nobody reads this anymore anyways . . . since I’m blocked from all my friends now.


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