Well, I have officially been home for 23.5 hours. What a nice feeling. I don’t even have a correspondence course I have to worry about this summer. I don’t know what to do with myself.

I start back to work tomorrow, so that should be interesting.

What a relief to finally have a little reprieve in my schedule. Although there are still many other things on my mind. Anyways . . . I was mostly happy with my grades this past semester. I think I could’ve done better in Doctrines, and the only reason I ended up with a B in food prep was due to the tests. (I hate studying, what can I say.)

Next semester’s schedule is looking good. My classes will be
Oral Communication for the Professions
Graphic Design Production
Modern Cults
Christian Family Forum
Introduction to Sociology
Fundamentals of Counseling
Private Voice Instruction

I’m really actually pretty excited about most of them. Ok, maybe I can’t exactly say excited. But I think they’ll be interesting. Of course, next semester will be full of studying because I only have one art class. So maybe I should figure that studying thing out before then. I’ll also be taking Principles of Marketing through correspondence during the semester, hopefully. We’ll see how that works. I’ll probably do most of it over Christmas.

Wow. I need to stop. I plan WAY too far in advance.

So I leave for Ironwood in 29 days now (I think). Can’t wait!


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