MySpace and Strangeness

Wow. MySpace really ticks me off. I kinda have an account on it, but not really because I never update it and it's really only so I can look for friends. But I hate it. Dumb and stupid. Ok, I'm done now.

My friend Becky graduated on Friday. Actually, a few of my friends graduated with her (Brett, Cape, Steven, Trevor) and a couple others who used to be friends but I really just never talk to them anymore . . . but yeah. I went to it and it was good. I enjoyed seeing all the old people from school. It was weird to think that they were freshmen when I was a senior. Becky is still my favorite freshman, hands down and she will always be that!

Yeah, last nite we had a wicked storm over here. Actually, it was early this morning. We're talking like 3:00 a.m. I was awake because, while I enjoy your average thunderstorm, I don't enjoy lightning and thunder right outside my window! I always start thinking in wcs-mode (Worst Case Scenario) and start pondering how at any moment one of the very tall pine trees in the woods behind our house could slice through my room. Yeah, I hate paranoia. Anyways, so like 3:18 my door bursts open, and my dad is like, "Audrey, where are your keys?!" (My dad has sleep-apnea, so he wears this mouth piece so he won't die in the middle of the nite, so really it was more like, "Audwee, whea aah you keyth?!") I groggily asked why he needed them and he told me that my car alarm was going off. The one nite I park my car outside the garage and it starts going off. So I went and fixed that. We're not sure if lightning hit the car or if it just went off because the storm was so crazy. It was weird. But something happened with it when I was at work earlier yesterday (it was storming badly again). So yeah, whatever.

I've been seriously slacking on my reading. I haven't touched Contentment since my last post but I've been trying to get through Created for His Glory seeing as that one needs to be done for camp. I'm on chapter 9, so there's like 5 more or something. I should get through that in a couple days. BUT I did just finish one of those Puzz3d puzzle things (the capital building) and I did it all by myself. I'm such a grandma at 21. This is not looking good.


One thought on “MySpace and Strangeness

  1. bob says:

    2 weeks til awesome. and i’m on chapter 1/2 of created for His glory. i’ve already read this book several times, so it’s been a tough read this time around. all one half chapter i’ve got through so far. i hear you on the slackreading part.

    i am glad that the pine tree did not indeed slice through your bedroom.

    that is all.

    see you sooner rather than later

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