In whatever State

I love Paul's comment in the Bible about learning in whatever state he is he can be content. I want to be able to say that. Maybe that's what gets me in trouble. Maybe if I didn't desire to know that my contentment doesn't hinge on my circumstances, then my circumstances wouldn't keep changing so much!

Jeremiah Burrough's book has definitely been a good thing to be reading. It's like God's giving me little tests to see if I really am learning anything. Which is good.

I really enjoyed a few quotes from chapters 8 and 9 last nite in my reading.

You are the spouse of Christ. . . . One married to Jesus Christ and yet troubled and discontented? Have you not enough in him? (145)

How can I even dare to complain about anything? If I could really get into my head exactly what my position in Christ is, I don't think any of this would matter. The little trying things can sometimes be the hardest to not complain about. I actually think about the big things and consider that it's a trial from God, so I'm not as tempted to complain about it. But the annoying things are the ones that get me.

If God gives the man or woman who is discontented for want of some good thing, that good thing before they are humbled for their discontent, such a man or woman can have no comfort from the mercy, but it will be rather an evil than a good to them. . . . People may have the thing, but oftentimes they have it so as it proves the heaveist cross to them that they ever had in all their lives. (159-160)

Everything goes back to His timing. It's perfect.

I'm learning a lot and I know once I get to Ironwood, I'm going to have information coming out of every orifice. But it's good to always be learning, right?


2 thoughts on “In whatever State

  1. mr bob says:

    wonderful stuff. our position in Christ.

    lamentations 3:24

    the LORD is my portion, sayeth my soul, therefore, i will hope in Him.


    i used to view contentment as this concept of being ok without “x”. i thought that if i made myself satisfied without “x” i was content.

    that’s such a waste to think that way.

    if we realize that we have Christ, that is more than enough to be content with.

    glad to hear you are learning stuff. i know what you mean when you ask God for something, so life gets a little bit crazy to put it in action. i can’t wait til monday audrey, i’m going to give you the biggest hug and we’re going to have a great summer.

  2. I think we will definitely have a good summer. Looking forward to working with you, (Mr.) Bob.

    Oh man . . . I forgot about those nametags. Oh well.

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