Da Vinci

I think I'm finally beginning to understand all the hype behind Dan Brown's book. I am getting through it quite quickly. I've only been reading for two days, but I know I'll be finished by the end of the evening. He is an amazing author.

Of course, we all know it's not his writing skills that have caused the problem. It's the content of the book. Everything seems to be tied together quite well but it is obviously fiction. Although if the rest of the stuff he's claiming true is really true, it's quite interesting to know all this stuff.

After going through History of Art (two semesters worth) I still have question that a female is actually beside Jesus in The Last Supper. It was interesting, though, to note some of the things about the paintings. And it was cool because I was remembering what these different paintings looked like. For example, I could understand the difference mentioned between Madonna of the Rocks and Virgin of the Rocks. I feel like I've been well-educated.

Anyways, as art is a passion of mine, it's a great book. I don't think I could really recommend it because of the content of it, but it has kept my interest. I was a little freaked out the last couple nites, though. I guess no reason, really, but my mind has a tendency to wander and ponder strange things late at nite/early morning. That's another reason I know I'll be done with the book by the end of the nite. Lol. It has to be resolved before I sleep again.


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