Summer Goodbyes

Arrrrgh. I hate saying goodbye to amazing people. Who doesn’t, though? So many good things happened this summer that I can’t even start to write about them.

I was privileged enough to work with 23 of the most amazing counselors ever to see Rivertown. Not to mention, a great group of Leadership kids, plus all the counselors at Broken I which I didn’t have much interaction with but I still know they were awesome.

I love being able to confidently let others impact my life. Maybe I need to explain that statement. As a general rule, this summer I wasn’t scared that the people around me would impact my life the wrong way. I wasn’t scared that I would be drawn away from God by interacting with people I was surrounded by.

I can’t say I grew by leaps and bounds this summer, but I can say I was challenged in many ways. I wasn’t able to answer some of my questions, but I was pointed to focus on loving others.

If I could get that one principle of loving others down, it would completely transform my life. This is what Jesus called us to. This is what His plan for my life is.

My current book is The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard. It may take me a while to finish, because I’m really trying to get everything he’s saying.


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