A Day in NYC

I am sitting in the Hampton Inn located in New Jersey about an hour from Manhattan (NYC). Maybe less than that. And today I went to the Whitney Museum (although I didn’t tour it . . . long story). I also went to see the St. John’s Bible at the Museum of Biblical Art which was amazing. Calligraphy and illumination the whole way throughout. Crazy intense consistency in the letters.

I spent a while in Times Square as well. Took some fun pictures and visited the HUGE cube Apple store. I was in heaven on earth.

We went to the Society of Illustrators which was kinda disappointing because we didn’t get to go upstairs and see the Rockwell’s they had. But tomorrow is looking promising because we’re going to . . . MoMA!!!!! I can’t wait!

And all day Saturday is the Met. Too exciting.

Maybe I should explain why I didn’t tour Whitney. It’s because we were told it would be $5 for admission and then when we got there it was $15. Not to mention we were going to the Society of Illustrators in 30 minutes, so I thought it was pointless to pay $15 to rush through in 30 minutes. So we just walked back to the Frick Museum and waited there and people-watched.

Like I said, I got some cool pictures, but it will be a while before I can get those posted because I left my cord in the Vintage office. Oh well.


One thought on “A Day in NYC

  1. rere momosqueeeda says:

    is it that apple store thats clear and next to fao schwarz??? if so

    i totally passed by that one.
    oh and i went to MoMA.

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