Stream of Consciousness

I have no idea what I’m doing anymore. Everything seems logical. All my options seem beneficial in some way. I’m not getting answers. I’m going to bed.

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Christmas Shopping . . . Already

I do not enjoy Christmas shopping. I don’t even enjoy regular shopping. But today we went shopping and I actually look forward to this shopping trip every year.

We drive out to Calhoun, TN (about an hour away) and pick out our Christmas tree from Cook’s tree farm. The sad news is that we didn’t get one there this year. No. This is their last year, and they’re trying to clear out their supply of trees. They cut down all the 8-9′ ones last year and none of them were much over 6′ today. It was sad. We always get a Fraser Fir and we even checked out a couple different types of trees. They were all too small.

So we drove back home and decided to check out this little Mom-n-Pop produce store that had trees out. All of them were Fraser Firs and we found one within 10 minutes. (It never takes us very long to pick one.) So we now have our Christmas tree.

I’m actually not sure how I feel about Cook’s closing. The one bad thing about driving to Calhoun is the Bowater paper plant. It stinks up the entire town. And the smell is disgusting. So maybe we’ll find another tree farm in a not-so-stinky area.

I plan on putting up some pics later, but my camera cord was left behind at school.


Yesterday was the first holiday I’ve spent with extended family in over 3 years, I think. The best we could come up with was that we spent Christmas together 4 years ago.

It was fun. I’m glad my aunt, uncle & four cousins are in the Atlanta area now. That gives the g-parents more reason to come down and visit. We had fun laughing, reminiscing, goofing around, napping & eating tons of delicious food! If there’s one thing my family can do, it’s cook.

Shannon & I even sat down and played a piano duet (The Hallelujah Chorus). That was a fun one to sight-read through. We were cracking up the entire time.

I love family.

A Song of Ascents

I was reading through some songs last nite. I always enjoy them and sometimes they’re pretty encouraging. Other times I realize I need to stop feeling sorry for myself. Anyways, you might enjoy checking them out. One of them says, “My heart is not lifted up; my eyes are not raised too high; I do not occupy myself with things too great and too marvelous for me.” I think a lot of the time, my problem is my focus. I do focus on things that are too big. They take up too much of my attention.


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