The Beginning of Something Big

I think that I’m going to steal an idea from Stephen O’Bryan which was stolen originally from Dave Ruse. I’m going to do a Top 5. Whenever I get bored (or whenever I feel like it), I’m going to do another Top 5 post about whatever I feel like rating that day.

Today . . . Artists.

1. Chuck Close
2. Leonardo da Vinci
3. Jonathan Andrews (one of my teachers)
4. Piet Mondrian
5. Mark Rothko

This may seem bogus that Mr. Andrews beat out Mondrian and Rothko, but I seriously LOVE his style. I want him to marry my sister just so I can have some of his artwork! He’s amazing. Again, this is my Top 5. You can make your own.


One thought on “The Beginning of Something Big

  1. Wow. . . how far my Top 5 has spread! I have to admit, it’s not originally my idea, but I honestly don’t remember where I got it from. I love Mr. Andrew’s stuff as well. The stuff he had in the faculty show this year was great.

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