Words of Praise

. the Lord sustains me .
. the Lord hears when i call to Him .
. You alone, O Lord, make me to dwell in safety .
. my shield is with God .
. i will sing to the Lord .
. preserve me .
. i have no good besides You .
. my heritage is beautiful to me .
. i have set the Lord continually before me .
. my flesh will dwell securely .
. You will make known to me the path of life .
. Your right hand upholds me .
. my feet have not slipped .
. i shall not want .
. He restores my soul .
. my cup overflows .
. teach me Your paths .
. wait for the Lord .
. You have ransomed me .
. my times are in Your hand .
. stand in awe of Him .
. He answered me .
. the Lord is near to the brokenhearted .
. delight yourself in the Lord .
. He will do it .
. wait patiently for Him .
. You will answer .
. my hope is in You .
. He set my feet upon a rock .
. there is none to compare with You .
. i shall yet praise Him .
. cease striving and know that I am God .
. He will sustain you .
. pour out your heart before Him .
. God makes a home for the lonely .
. let God be magnified .
. You are my confidence from my youth .
. besides You i desire nothing on earth .
. God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever .
. You have prepared the light and the sun .
. what god is great like our God .
. o God, do not be still .
. no good thing does He withhold .
. You alone are God .
. Your thoughts are very deep .
. Your consolations delight my soul .
. it is He who has made us .
. as for me, i shall be glad in the Lord .
. He guided them to their desired haven .
. the Lord preserves the simple .
. take refuge in the Lord .
. revive me in Your ways .
. the Lord is my portion .
. i wait for Your word .
. You know it all .
. know my anxious thoughts .
. lead me in the everlasting way .
. You knew my path .
. You are my God .
. the Lord is good to all .
. You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing .

wow. read the psalms. amazing.


100 Things You Don’t Need to Know

So in lieu of doing much with my correspondence course this week, I decided to write down pointless and random facts that are not well known about me. And I should probably give the actual credit for the idea to Bob Roman.

1. this happens to be the 3rd number in my GPA.
2. the perfect cup of tea has been steeped for 6 minutes and 3 seconds.
3. 8 times out of 10 the lowercase g will be my favorite letter of any typeface.
4. i have obsessive-compulsive tendencies.
5. i prefer to write in pencil when journaling or writing letters because it stimulates my thought process.
6. i’ve been told that any boy that sees my handwriting will fall in love with me.
7. so far that hasn’t happened.
8. people who are dogmatic tend to drive me insane.
9. i have lived with 17 different people throughout my college experience.
10. music is my passion and design is my language.
11. turning 20 was hard for me.
12. i love lists.
13. i thoroughly enjoyed lifeguard training.
14. my loss of memory is directly related to my lack of sleep.
15. this is my favorite number. it’s also my birthday.
16. i won the school spirit award my senior year in high school. it was the green tights.
17. shopping is a pointless activity in my opinion.
18. it used to bother me that i didn’t win homecoming queen.
19. laundry day is my favorite day of every week (or so . . . )
20. i plan to learn the art of glassblowing within the next 10 years.
21. winning my heart is as easy as doing one small act of kindness.
22. i think pianos produce the most beautiful sound of any instrument.
23. when i write words, i say them to myself; however, when i write my name, i spell it in my head.
24. i have passed out. twice.
25. given the option, i will always choose the bottomless bag.
26. i shave my legs when i change my sheets. it makes me sleep better.
27. i push myself to be random because i really love structure.
28. i remember what people say for a very long time.
29. i hate bluetooth headsets.
30. i was run over by a sled when i was 8.
31. my handwriting tends to look better when i slump over my paper.
32. i think water tastes better in a styrofoam cup.
33. i prefer my Chick-fil-A sandwiches to sit in the warmer for at least 5 minutes.
34. i get roughly 4.5 hours of sleep each night.
35. i like to spell night n-i-t-e. but don’t a lot of the time because people think i’m misspelling it on accident.
36. i have a wicked scar on my left leg from the most amazing bike wreck ever.
37. i’m a great pianist, but i don’t compete well.
38. i enjoy driving by myself because i use the time to think.
39. i am a time nazi.
40. christian bale missed my vote for the best Batman ever because his face couldn’t fit into his mask.
41. george clooney is my current favorite Batman ever.
42. i have a weakness for honey mustard pretzels.
43. i cook delicious food.
44. i memorize things extremely fast.
45. i’m an amazing proofreader.
46. i tend to have problems hearing things on the phone.
47. i competed on a Bible quiz team for 3 years in junior high.
48. i spent 13 hours in an airport once.
49. i enjoy sarcasm more than most.
50. i drove my dad’s car into a ditch when i was 16.
51. this was right after i told my friend i was a safe driver.
52. i spell exceptionally well. e-x-c-e-p-t-i-o-n-a-l-l-y. see?
53. i prefer to be barefoot.
54. i was accused of having a shoulder elf in the 5th grade.
55. i’ve only lost my voice once.
56. i learned the correct way of typing on my own.
57. i get sick when i drink hot chocolate. i still drink it.
58. my favorite uppercase letter is Q.
59. i prefer hairbands to have the metal thingie over the “ouchless” ones.
60. i like being called by my last name.
61. i hate lipstick.
62. my fingers shrink about 1 ring size in cold weather.
63. i have the worst time studying.
64. i love photography.
65. i would love to spend my life traveling.
66. i like to sit on the floor.
67. i love nutrition.
68. i always chew gum.
69. i am amazed by the powers of blue sticky tack.
70. i always bite my nails when watching sports.
71. i have a nervous habit of pulling out my eyebrows and loose eyelashes.
72. i want to learn how to build a website from code.
73. i would love to start a company with friends.
74. i used to bite my toenails. ew.
75. one of my “perfect date” ideas involves flying kites.
76. Lipton is the only brand of tea i’ll drink.
77. i can only paint my toenails shades of pink. other colors don’t look good on my toes.
78. i used to wish I was Harriet the Spy.
79. i would become a vegetarian if i didn’t enjoy chicken so much.
80. i turn computer screen brightness to a minimum.
81. i don’t like to hang out with indecisive people.
82. at one point, i owned 40 skirts.
83. i try to drink 80 oz. of water daily.
84. i love going to the dentist.
85. i taught myself how to sing harmony.
86. i want to be a photographer.
87. i want to learn how to surf.
88. i wouldn’t mind learning how to play the drums and guitar.
89. i love geometry.
90. i try to figure out the best possible way to do everything.
91. i have a scar on my left foot from a pair of shoes i owned once.
92. i like to push my limits physically.
93. i believe that flip-flops are the only acceptable summer footwear.
94. my normal body temperature is 94.7.
95. i look awful in yellow.
96. i will admit to owning a sudoku book.
97. i drove to the wrong college to take my ACT and didn’t realize it until spending 10 minutes looking for the room i was supposed to take it in.
98. i know how to tie a figure-8 knot.
99. i buy only Fresh Ink cards to give people.
100. i always wear at least 1 hairband on my wrist.

Define Waiting . . .

A friend of mine recently wrote a post entitled Actively Waiting. It may seem contradictory, but I came across something I read a while back that I had written down. It’s from Not By Chance, a book by Layton Talbert that I read last year for doctrines and pretty much fell in love with.

What, then, do we do during times of seeming delay? The biblical answer is “wait” – specifically, wait on the Lord. But waiting is not “doing nothing.” Waiting on the Lord “is a definitive spiritual exercise that focuses your attention, submits your spirit, and teaches your soul to delight beyond the immediate problems, the painful circumstances, and gently eases you into the presence of the Lord.” An additional skill honed by delay is learning contentment in the midst of our present circumstances – not seeking escape from them. Like Paul (Philippians 4:12), we learn contentment not by finally getting what we want but by adjusting our longings to match our God-ordained situation. Our assignment during delays is . . . to be both content and diligent while actively waiting on Him for His perfect purposes and His perfect timing.

Another interesting quote by C.S. Lewis which may stimulate some thought . . .

We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.

Sometimes I’m ashamed at how much I distrust my Savior. It’s unbelievable. And actually pretty disappointing.

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Looking Blindly at You

I have been back at Bob Jones for almost a full five days now. I’ve had two days of classes which means I’ve been to two of my three classes of the semester. Excitement is poring through me. Actually, I’m doing pretty well to keep myself sedated.

Tuesday I arrived back around 6:00 and was unpacked within an hour. I hate delaying the inevitable. I checked in around 7:00 with my friend, Ashley and helped her unpack her car. I went to the V-reunion at 11:00 and did a little bit of design work until 1:45ish.

On Wednesday, I woke up sometime. I don’t remember when. What I do remember is realizing I didn’t have a pair of hose to wear. I was sorely disappointed. And I managed to make it through the day without drawing attention to my bare calves. I ventured to Wal-Mart where I purchased the hose along with a couple of notebooks and some amazing body wash that I’m so excited about.

Thursday I ended up dropping my first class before I ever went to it. Instead of Hermeneutics at 3:00, I’m now taking Foundations for Biblical Lifestyle with Heather at 4:00. It’s going to be a great class. Probably the most practical Bible class I’ll ever take. I spent most of my day designing in the office, goofing off with old friends.

Friday I went to my class at 10:00 – State and Local Government. Yes. I am branching out. Little Audrey is actually taking a government class by choice. I know it’s weird. The teacher is great and it’s going to be fun. And again . . . practical.

I start the internship tomorrow, so all this free time I’ve been enjoying will soon be over. Not to mention, I have a correspondence course to keep me busy. I’m excited to be here because I know it’s the end. I haven’t started the countdown yet, but I will soon.

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Sick as a Dog

Wow. I honestly don’t remember a time when I’ve been this sick. It’s gross. But I think I made the turn and should be feeling better tomorrow.

I was pretty out of it Monday night. Since it was New Year’s Day, I only had to work 3:00 – 7:00, so that was good. We did the traditional Chinese takeout for dinner that night and it was good. Not the best I’ve ever had, but still decent. I was super tired by the end of the night, though, and decided to hit bed a little early. So I went upstairs around 12:00, tried to sleep with this massively pounding headache that was attacking me. I finally got to sleep about 1.5 hours later.

Then it all started. At 2:30, I woke up and decided that something was not right, as they say in the Madeline books. I headed to the bathroom for the first of many times. Between 2:30 and 8:30, I managed to puke about 9 times. It was no fun. I’ve never puked so hard in my life, and I’ve had some decent illnesses.

By the end of everything, I had nothing left to give. Seriously, I was puking straight stomach acid. It was vile. There were “other problems” too. Lol. I had a serious fever going all day yesterday but my feet and nose felt like they were soaking in ice vats. Mom gave me water (1 teaspoon full at a time). I was able to keep that down, and I was craving Sprite, so we decided to try that (1 teaspoon full at a time as well). We also had some old popsicles in the freezer, so I ate one of those. When I was able to keep all that down, she got me a few glasses of Sprite and then recommended that I go get a bath to make me feel better.

That was probably around 2:30. I got my bath and it did feel really good. Then I decided to wash my hair and stuff, and I think the smell of the shampoo made me sick. I definitely puked again – all that Sprite. I climbed into bed and slept for like 4 hours.
We checked my fever around 8:00 last nite and it was 102. Mom called a pharmacy to ask what would be best to give me, and I ended up taking this Tylenol flu pill thing because I was aching all over like crazy. It helped, and my fever broke sometime in the middle of the night.

I’m feeling pretty decent today – still pretty sore and slightly queasy. I’m loving popsicles (the orange ones) and water. The mention of food is not a good thing, so maybe I’ll lose a little weight off of this.

A couple bad things . . . I was supposed to be helping out Dad this week answering phones at his business because their receptionist is gone. That would’ve paid probably $8.00-$10.00/hour going at 6 hours a day. I really could’ve used that money. Also, I’m losing another 14 hours of work at Chick-fil-A which means that’s like $90 more gone. It could be worse. Plus Dad ate my won-ton soup the other night when I couldn’t finish it. So he’ll probably get this, too.

All that to say, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. It’s gross.