Looking Blindly at You

I have been back at Bob Jones for almost a full five days now. I’ve had two days of classes which means I’ve been to two of my three classes of the semester. Excitement is poring through me. Actually, I’m doing pretty well to keep myself sedated.

Tuesday I arrived back around 6:00 and was unpacked within an hour. I hate delaying the inevitable. I checked in around 7:00 with my friend, Ashley and helped her unpack her car. I went to the V-reunion at 11:00 and did a little bit of design work until 1:45ish.

On Wednesday, I woke up sometime. I don’t remember when. What I do remember is realizing I didn’t have a pair of hose to wear. I was sorely disappointed. And I managed to make it through the day without drawing attention to my bare calves. I ventured to Wal-Mart where I purchased the hose along with a couple of notebooks and some amazing body wash that I’m so excited about.

Thursday I ended up dropping my first class before I ever went to it. Instead of Hermeneutics at 3:00, I’m now taking Foundations for Biblical Lifestyle with Heather at 4:00. It’s going to be a great class. Probably the most practical Bible class I’ll ever take. I spent most of my day designing in the office, goofing off with old friends.

Friday I went to my class at 10:00 – State and Local Government. Yes. I am branching out. Little Audrey is actually taking a government class by choice. I know it’s weird. The teacher is great and it’s going to be fun. And again . . . practical.

I start the internship tomorrow, so all this free time I’ve been enjoying will soon be over. Not to mention, I have a correspondence course to keep me busy. I’m excited to be here because I know it’s the end. I haven’t started the countdown yet, but I will soon.

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