Define Waiting . . .

A friend of mine recently wrote a post entitled Actively Waiting. It may seem contradictory, but I came across something I read a while back that I had written down. It’s from Not By Chance, a book by Layton Talbert that I read last year for doctrines and pretty much fell in love with.

What, then, do we do during times of seeming delay? The biblical answer is “wait” – specifically, wait on the Lord. But waiting is not “doing nothing.” Waiting on the Lord “is a definitive spiritual exercise that focuses your attention, submits your spirit, and teaches your soul to delight beyond the immediate problems, the painful circumstances, and gently eases you into the presence of the Lord.” An additional skill honed by delay is learning contentment in the midst of our present circumstances – not seeking escape from them. Like Paul (Philippians 4:12), we learn contentment not by finally getting what we want but by adjusting our longings to match our God-ordained situation. Our assignment during delays is . . . to be both content and diligent while actively waiting on Him for His perfect purposes and His perfect timing.

Another interesting quote by C.S. Lewis which may stimulate some thought . . .

We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.

Sometimes I’m ashamed at how much I distrust my Savior. It’s unbelievable. And actually pretty disappointing.

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