100 Things You Don’t Need to Know

So in lieu of doing much with my correspondence course this week, I decided to write down pointless and random facts that are not well known about me. And I should probably give the actual credit for the idea to Bob Roman.

1. this happens to be the 3rd number in my GPA.
2. the perfect cup of tea has been steeped for 6 minutes and 3 seconds.
3. 8 times out of 10 the lowercase g will be my favorite letter of any typeface.
4. i have obsessive-compulsive tendencies.
5. i prefer to write in pencil when journaling or writing letters because it stimulates my thought process.
6. i’ve been told that any boy that sees my handwriting will fall in love with me.
7. so far that hasn’t happened.
8. people who are dogmatic tend to drive me insane.
9. i have lived with 17 different people throughout my college experience.
10. music is my passion and design is my language.
11. turning 20 was hard for me.
12. i love lists.
13. i thoroughly enjoyed lifeguard training.
14. my loss of memory is directly related to my lack of sleep.
15. this is my favorite number. it’s also my birthday.
16. i won the school spirit award my senior year in high school. it was the green tights.
17. shopping is a pointless activity in my opinion.
18. it used to bother me that i didn’t win homecoming queen.
19. laundry day is my favorite day of every week (or so . . . )
20. i plan to learn the art of glassblowing within the next 10 years.
21. winning my heart is as easy as doing one small act of kindness.
22. i think pianos produce the most beautiful sound of any instrument.
23. when i write words, i say them to myself; however, when i write my name, i spell it in my head.
24. i have passed out. twice.
25. given the option, i will always choose the bottomless bag.
26. i shave my legs when i change my sheets. it makes me sleep better.
27. i push myself to be random because i really love structure.
28. i remember what people say for a very long time.
29. i hate bluetooth headsets.
30. i was run over by a sled when i was 8.
31. my handwriting tends to look better when i slump over my paper.
32. i think water tastes better in a styrofoam cup.
33. i prefer my Chick-fil-A sandwiches to sit in the warmer for at least 5 minutes.
34. i get roughly 4.5 hours of sleep each night.
35. i like to spell night n-i-t-e. but don’t a lot of the time because people think i’m misspelling it on accident.
36. i have a wicked scar on my left leg from the most amazing bike wreck ever.
37. i’m a great pianist, but i don’t compete well.
38. i enjoy driving by myself because i use the time to think.
39. i am a time nazi.
40. christian bale missed my vote for the best Batman ever because his face couldn’t fit into his mask.
41. george clooney is my current favorite Batman ever.
42. i have a weakness for honey mustard pretzels.
43. i cook delicious food.
44. i memorize things extremely fast.
45. i’m an amazing proofreader.
46. i tend to have problems hearing things on the phone.
47. i competed on a Bible quiz team for 3 years in junior high.
48. i spent 13 hours in an airport once.
49. i enjoy sarcasm more than most.
50. i drove my dad’s car into a ditch when i was 16.
51. this was right after i told my friend i was a safe driver.
52. i spell exceptionally well. e-x-c-e-p-t-i-o-n-a-l-l-y. see?
53. i prefer to be barefoot.
54. i was accused of having a shoulder elf in the 5th grade.
55. i’ve only lost my voice once.
56. i learned the correct way of typing on my own.
57. i get sick when i drink hot chocolate. i still drink it.
58. my favorite uppercase letter is Q.
59. i prefer hairbands to have the metal thingie over the “ouchless” ones.
60. i like being called by my last name.
61. i hate lipstick.
62. my fingers shrink about 1 ring size in cold weather.
63. i have the worst time studying.
64. i love photography.
65. i would love to spend my life traveling.
66. i like to sit on the floor.
67. i love nutrition.
68. i always chew gum.
69. i am amazed by the powers of blue sticky tack.
70. i always bite my nails when watching sports.
71. i have a nervous habit of pulling out my eyebrows and loose eyelashes.
72. i want to learn how to build a website from code.
73. i would love to start a company with friends.
74. i used to bite my toenails. ew.
75. one of my “perfect date” ideas involves flying kites.
76. Lipton is the only brand of tea i’ll drink.
77. i can only paint my toenails shades of pink. other colors don’t look good on my toes.
78. i used to wish I was Harriet the Spy.
79. i would become a vegetarian if i didn’t enjoy chicken so much.
80. i turn computer screen brightness to a minimum.
81. i don’t like to hang out with indecisive people.
82. at one point, i owned 40 skirts.
83. i try to drink 80 oz. of water daily.
84. i love going to the dentist.
85. i taught myself how to sing harmony.
86. i want to be a photographer.
87. i want to learn how to surf.
88. i wouldn’t mind learning how to play the drums and guitar.
89. i love geometry.
90. i try to figure out the best possible way to do everything.
91. i have a scar on my left foot from a pair of shoes i owned once.
92. i like to push my limits physically.
93. i believe that flip-flops are the only acceptable summer footwear.
94. my normal body temperature is 94.7.
95. i look awful in yellow.
96. i will admit to owning a sudoku book.
97. i drove to the wrong college to take my ACT and didn’t realize it until spending 10 minutes looking for the room i was supposed to take it in.
98. i know how to tie a figure-8 knot.
99. i buy only Fresh Ink cards to give people.
100. i always wear at least 1 hairband on my wrist.


3 thoughts on “100 Things You Don’t Need to Know

  1. 2. the perfect cup of tea is a cup of water.
    3. 99 times out of 100 the lower g will win.
    11. i cried turning 20
    13. lifeguard training sucks
    25. the bottomless bag is hot.
    32. it does taste better in a Styrofoam cup.
    35. i have the same dilemma every time i say good nite.
    54. what the h is a shoulder elf?
    72. hahahahaha. you and your templates and blog sites.
    80. dim screens lead to crappy design. up the brightness and spring for a monitor with a contrast ration of a billion to one.
    93. i believe they are the only acceptable footwear.
    94. liar.

    well done. would it have killed you to do one more tho?

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