T5 Websites

I have a MacBook Pro. In fact, I’m typing on it right now. I’ve had it for almost a week. Early graduation presents are the best!

I haven’t done a Top 5 in a while, so maybe I should do one again.

Hm . . . choosing a topic is the worst.

Top 5 Websites (and 5 extras)

1. www.veer.com: this is where I travel for all my creative inspiration. Ok, not all of it, but a lot of it has inspired me. And they have amazing desktops. I’ve actually designed a few desktops myself now for fun. It’s great. If you’re a designer, go to the Ideas tab, scroll down and you’ll notice on the right side some little goodies. (The left side has the desktop link) Check out Stream of Consciousness video. Explaining the designing process. LOVE IT.
2. www.jbarnettphotography.com: this is a friend’s photography site. Every photo on here is amazing. Except one. But the rest are pretty good.
3. www.prologuefilms.com: Kyle Cooper. Amazing. I would love to do this for the rest of my life.
4. www.wefeelfine.org: I love the layout of this site. (Not the initial site you’re taken to, but the one after you click to open the actual site.) Play around. It’s a pretty cool concept. I found this on Veer.
5. www.artinfo.com/theaiinterview.aspx: this was also found on Veer. (You know why it’s my #1 site!!!) Excellent source for contemporary artist bios. I wish I had this in History of Art when I wrote my Chuck Close paper . . .
6. www.jargonboy.com: I love this concept. The alphabet with design. Teach your kids with style. Amazing.
7. www.janfamily.com: the cover pic cracks me up. I only started going through this site, but I enjoyed what I saw. It will receive a return visit for sure. Probably a few.
8. www.swedendesign-hk.com: yeah. Hot stuff.
9. www.imaginaryforces.com: this was where Kyle Cooper was before he started Prologue Films. It just got too big for him, so he moved on to start PF where he could keep a smaller staff and be more hands on. They still do amazing stuff.
10. www.ikea.com: what can I say. Cheap furniture is always a plus.

So . . . I couldn’t limit myself. These were all slightly more design related choices than anything. Maybe I’ll discover some websites one day that don’t have to do with design, but for now I’m content to pick design over function.

Share the Love

This week will introduce another Valentine’s Day.

I’m going to try to get through this post without introducing any sarcasm.

Valentine’s Day would be great if I was in love. Y’know, it might even be great if I was just dating someone. It should be enough that my parents anniversary falls on the 14th.

But it’s not.

At this point in life, it seems like everyone I know is dating. Besides me, that is. Which in reality is far from true. 2 girls in my prayer group are which leaves 7 single. I think there are 5 of us from Vintage who have managed to refrain from finding our better half. My sister isn’t. My best friend isn’t. I guess in reality, though, being lonely is kinda a selfish thing . . . so it really doesn’t matter who else isn’t. At least in those lonely moods.

I cried today. For the first time since Christmas.

It wasn’t selfish.

It was beautiful.

I ended up stuck on an off-ramp for 30 minutes in traffic. During that time, a woman came walking down the ramp carrying a sign “Stranded. Please Help. Thank You. God Bless.” The truck that was 2 cars ahead of me handed some money out his window. I didn’t see how much. And that woman started crying. I don’t know why. But I know if I were in her case, my emotions would be a mix of gratitude, embarrassment, relief, hope.

And I only wished I could help.