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This week will introduce another Valentine’s Day.

I’m going to try to get through this post without introducing any sarcasm.

Valentine’s Day would be great if I was in love. Y’know, it might even be great if I was just dating someone. It should be enough that my parents anniversary falls on the 14th.

But it’s not.

At this point in life, it seems like everyone I know is dating. Besides me, that is. Which in reality is far from true. 2 girls in my prayer group are which leaves 7 single. I think there are 5 of us from Vintage who have managed to refrain from finding our better half. My sister isn’t. My best friend isn’t. I guess in reality, though, being lonely is kinda a selfish thing . . . so it really doesn’t matter who else isn’t. At least in those lonely moods.

I cried today. For the first time since Christmas.

It wasn’t selfish.

It was beautiful.

I ended up stuck on an off-ramp for 30 minutes in traffic. During that time, a woman came walking down the ramp carrying a sign “Stranded. Please Help. Thank You. God Bless.” The truck that was 2 cars ahead of me handed some money out his window. I didn’t see how much. And that woman started crying. I don’t know why. But I know if I were in her case, my emotions would be a mix of gratitude, embarrassment, relief, hope.

And I only wished I could help.


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