So here I am. Once again.

But I’m not torn into pieces.

My friend said something funny to me the other day. We were discussing Ann Coulter and we had a disagreement. He tends to become very intense when he argues (i.e., yelling, screaming, turning red and purple). So he yelled at me, “If you could comprehend enough to agree with me, then maybe we could have a conversation!”

Um. yeah. I laughed pretty loudly and obnoxiously over that one. (I know you don’t think I could ever be obnoxious.)

Moving on . . . less than 60 days (that’s 2 months!) before I graduate. That tentatively means that it’s less than 2 months till I get to see Bob, Rebekah and Sarah! How exciting. Although, lots of moves are going on, so I don’t know if that changes any plans.

I’m hoping to get inspired here in a few minutes. I need to produce a few more pieces for my show.

So yeah. Now that I can post to my blog . . . I have nothing to say. Sorry for boring you to death.


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