fools of april

I finally played an April Fools’ joke. And it was priceless.

There’s a background story, so I’ll work through that quickly and get to the good stuff . . . The senior design show is up at BJU right now (which I’m part of). My friend, Jessica, designed these water bottle labels entitled Cool H2O. There was only one slight problem. She claimed in the WARNING that it could cause intense sex appeal. Now, being at Bob Jones, we know that this probably wasn’t the smartest move. I noticed it the night before the show opened, but said nothing. When the show opened, my friend Phil saw it and pointed it out to one of our art teachers. The piece was removed this past Thursday from the show. . . . The other part of the story deals with my job. Just for this to make sense to everyone, I’m the head designer for BJU’s yearbook, the Vintage. This means I work every night from 11:00 – 2:00. The people I’ve worked with have basically become a family to me. Ok . . . on with the story.

This past Sunday when I went up to work, I took my large adidas bag with me. I have a lot of stuff in the office. Before I went up that nite, I washed most of my makeup off, rubbed my eyes for about 10 minutes and made sure to grab my trusty bottle of eye drops. I looked absolutely horrendous. Excellent.

Once there, I quietly began packing all my stuff up. I emptied the 4 drawers that I’ve taken over, throwing away the pointless stuff, all the while taking great care to be noticed without being obvious. The whole situation was awkward. No one would talk. PJ was the only one who spoke to me – he asked me if I was ok and I just nodded and sniffed. At one point, I almost started snickering, so I walked out in the hall to regain my composure. It was perfect timing because Phil was just coming in for the evening.

My back was to him and he yelled something down the hall about hearing all about my dating outing. I just ignored him and kept walking. He picked up quite quickly that something was wrong. Once I was convinced I wouldn’t start laughing when I walked in, I went back to the office and started carrying stuff to my car. Phil followed me out and stammered his way through asking me if I was ok.

It was then I began my sob story. And I quote . . . “My dorm sup called me into her apartment tonite and told me that someone turned me in for the whole ‘sex appeal’ thing. Apparently someone found out that I knew ahead of the show and they pitched a fit about it which resulted in giving me 50 demerits. [This automatically expels you from staff.] She told me to pack all my stuff up tonite.” My voice was even shaking because of nervousness. Of course Phil took it like I was about to cry. Yea for perception.

Phil apologized and didn’t really know what to do next. And then I started smiling. So I told him it was just April Fools’ but that he had to help me trick the rest of the staff. He gladly agreed. We set up our game plan and then he pulled Kellen out of the office to let him know the whole situation of me getting kicked off while I continued to pack up my car. It was still VERY awkward in the office since everyone was kinda ignoring me. Then Phil broke the news to the staff while I sat over in the Collegian office because “I couldn’t handle being in there while Phil told them.” :)

It took a little bit of convincing, but they all believed it. We kept it up till midnite and then told them they were all fools. It was beautiful and priceless.

I’m an amazing actress. If only Jeff Stegall knew. Lol.

Probably my favorite Vintage memory yet.

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