It’s about all I can do at this point.

This week has been one hit after another. But they come in hiding . . . completely unexpected. The biggest (maybe) was the Commencement Contest. I spent a very long time on a painting. Like, my entire spring break, people. My hand was crippled due to the technique I was using (28 lines of text carved into drywall). Then, I went back to school last Saturday and spent several evenings finishing up the actual painting process. I love it. I think it’s gorgeous.

The art teachers didn’t agree. Granted, it was my first shot at this technique and there are some improvements that could be made, but I really like my piece. It turned out very much how I envisioned it. The worst part is that I spent quite a bit of time working on that when I really could’ve been putting it into other things . . . such as my creative resume or the writing of a certain state and local statistical analysis that I should be working on as we speak. I entered another piece as well and that didn’t get in. Grr.

It’s all about pride. It wouldn’t bother me to be a graduating senior without a thing to show in the commencement contest if I was meek or humble. God is still pointing out areas that I have big problems with.

That’s not all, but other things are numerous and I don’t have time to expound. Disappointments abounded this week. But so did blessings.

Last night I read Psalm 16 and had a nice little pep talk with myself and God. He promises to show me the path of life. I really want to see His presence because there (and only there) will I find fullness of joy. His right hand bestows pleasures eternally. Why do I have problems trusting? Probably because I’m looking in all the wrong directions.


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