design. yum.

And at this moment, I’m wishing I was at the National Stationery Show in NYC. My face is one of jealousy right now.

But ! I found some wonderful site that has great slides from the NSS. It made my face light up. Please partake. It’s yummy! From design*sponge . . .

Also, here are a few links in order to make your day more design friendly.

nantaka joy – Ok, so the site isn’t up yet, but you may want to frequent this later. Great stuff in the show!
HAMMERPRESS – Letterpress goodies. I wanted to eat them up.
Studio Olivine – More letterpress goodies. Although the size of their examples leaves much to be desired.
Night Owl Paper Goods – Fun letterpress ideas. You can even buy some cards for yourself!

I even put a couple of these links in my blogroll. Make sure to check out design*sponge which is where I found most of these!

2 thoughts on “design. yum.

  1. olivine says:

    Well hi! Thanks for the compliments on our work. We agree our website didn’t do the cards justice and actually updated it all this week. There is a super spiffy zoom in button. Oh boy. Check it out.

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