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I made the 4-hour trek to Greenville this past Monday. I went under the guise of a job interview with Greenville Magazine (which I will say more about later). My real reason for going was to hang out with friends.


While in Greenville, I was able to hang out with most of my friends who are still around. We threw a birthday party for my friend, PJ. Our celebration included driving all over creation to find a park to play volleyball at, and then a 3-hour set of games. [This is not because we’re good. It’s because we’re not. And we only played to 21.] My team won because we were the lesser of the two evils. And maybe because we only had 1 guy – the amazing Michael Collins.

A few of us went down to Falls Park the first night. I got a couple fun pictures.


My interview went well, but it was pretty short. The position is for an ad designer. I’d probably get to do some layout design on the side, which would be excellent. The editor asked me to call back in a week with an idea of what I’d expect for salary, etc. So right now I’m working on figuring all that out. From looking at my other options, this is still the one I have the most interest in. I’m hoping things will work out. The one problem is finding an apartment in the event that I do get the job. I’ll be in California through August 19. They would probably want me at work August 20 because the job actually opens up August 1. The editor told me it shouldn’t be a problem to work around that, but she’s also going to interview a few other people. Pray for wisdom on my part. If it’s not right, I’d rather just have God close the door.

After getting back from Greenville yesterday, I have 2 days at home before I leave again on Saturday. We’re headed to my cousin’s graduation party near Atlanta. I’m going to be staying with them through Monday morning when I fly out to Vegas to start the trip to camp. I’m insanely excited about going back to camp this summer and getting to see old friends. But I’ve decided packing is no good. I’ve attacked all the non-clothes items tonite and will hopefully get to the clothing dilemma tomorrow. [Well, I guess I have to do it tomorrow . . . ]

I don’t know if I’ve really mentioned what I’m doing at camp this year. I’m working at Camp Ironwood for the 3rd year in a row. For those of you who don’t know much about Ironwood, it’s this great Christian camp located in the middle of the Mojave Desert in California. They’re in the growing stage and are opening their 3rd camp this year. Ike’s Roost is the newest camp and will consist of several weeks of junior-high camp as well as being the home of the horsemanship camp in the weeks when it’s not entertaining junior-highers. Broken-I Ranch is the junior camp at Ironwood. I think they’re in their 5th year of camp. I’m not completely sure. Rivertown is where I’ve worked the past 2 years as a counselor. You can probably guess that Rivertown is where the high schoolers go. I worked with girls anywhere from 14 – 19.

For 10 weeks out of the summer, high schoolers help staff the kitchen, hospitality [they clean EVERYTHING] and grounds crews. These kids make up the Leadership Institute. This is the exciting part: I get to live with half of these girls this summer. Counseling the past 2 years was an amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the girls I was able to meet and become friends with. One thing that always bugged me was that I only had one week to build a relationship with the girls. I still keep in touch with a few of my campers, but only getting one week to build a relationship that those campers will consider worth keeping is difficult. And you do it for 9 weeks out of the summer. Constantly changing; constantly meeting. The great thing about LI is that I have anywhere from 3 – 9 weeks to get to know these girls. I’m excited about the friendships I’m about to make. I’ll also be helping out as a designer during the days.

Camp is FUN! Starts with an F, ends with an N and U are in the middle.





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