on the way there . . .

I enjoyed today thoroughly. Ok, maybe not thoroughly because that implies that there weren’t any parts I didn’t particularly enjoy. I didn’t enjoy the sick feeling on the ride to Atlanta. Nor did I enjoy going through my suitcases trying to get rid of that extra 5 pounds so I don’t have to pay more money to ride a plane.

But . . . I had tons of fun with my extended family, met some new people that I’ve seen around at Grace Baptist on extension, and actually played a pretty good game of football – something I haven’t done since last summer. We lost, but I scored once and laughed my way through most of the game. I think I’m going to end up with a pretty wicked bruise on the left side of my face from getting nailed in the first play, though. It’s amazing what a little fellowship will do to jump start friendships.


Hannah (my cousin) is way more tan than me. No fair. She wanted to try my glasses on, so we switched. I think they look pretty good on her. And her glasses are almost like my old ones.


Now here is an interesting game. It’s called Pit and it’s like Spoons, but with tons of yelling. They played for a couple hours at the graduation party. It’s a wonder any of them still have voices.

I’m leaving for camp in 36 hours.

Last nite, I got to hang out with my youth leaders and their kids – Autumn, Ethan & Colton. My sister and another friend, Brett, came with us, too. We got to discussing games we used to play when I was but a wee lass of a teen. Ok, so I don’t know . . . maybe you’ve seen these interesting toothbrushes they have now that are suction cups on the bottom. I guess this is so you can stick it to the mirror when you’re done? Who knows. Autumn & Ethan both have these and Paul & Beth came up with a great idea for a game. Stick the toothbrush to your forehead and brush your partner’s teeth. Lovely. Paul demonstrated for us.



This is my little friend, Colton. We have laughing fits together.


He wanted to touch the lens.

No guarantees about the blog once I get to Ironwood. I’m hoping to get something worked out, but I have a feeling it probably won’t happen.


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