user error

I am frustrated.

Not really over-the-top frustrated, just a little frustrated. I’m supposed to print as many books as possible between today and tomorrow lunch. My goal was to get 40 done. Looking at the amount of time it’s taken to print each book, that would tentatively take about 20 hours. I was hoping to still get that accomplished. I started with 30 just for sanity’s sake. Anyways . . . so I’ve been printing since about 9:30 this morning (it’s almost 4:00 now). So I’ve put in a good amount of work. And I just realized that 3 sections that I’ve printed (thank goodness I had only printed 12 copies of each) was off. The paper guides got loose and started not feeding the paper exactly straight which means my page number ended up about halfway closer to the margin that it was supposed to be. Bla. So here I sit . . . watching paper guides.

The good news is that the designing part of the process is pretty much over with. I have 1 picture I need to replace, and hopefully we’ll get a good picture of the arena at Shodeo tomorrow which means that will be taken care of.

I just hate more than anything to feel like I’m wasting something. Like time and paper, for example.


One thought on “user error

  1. clearly says:

    ha consider yourself “commented”

    just because I loom in the darkness as an annonymous reader, doesn’t mean that I don’t read it:)

    thanks for the bday wishes…hope you finish your printing

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