Some observations I made before my flight out last night:

Gambling is pointless.
I’ll admit . . . last year before my plane left, 2 of my friends and I played the slots just to say we had done it. But to see people actually live for that is insane. I overhead a conversation in which a couple related to a stranger how they had spent the last 3 days gambling. The man said the first day they went down quite a bit, the second day they were able to recover most of the money, and the third day they went down a little more. As I was listening to that conversation, I noticed a woman who had been sitting at one slot machine for about 10 minutes, constantly pushing the button for the next roll. After another 10 minutes at that machine (with no luck), she moved to the one directly across from it. She was at that machine for another 10 minutes at least. What’s the point? If it’s just to pass the time, I can find a much cheaper way of doing that.

Family is important.
I ended up in the last seat possible on the airplane (31F if you were wondering). As we were waiting for the plane to take off, the man in 31A began to explain what he was doing in Vegas. He had only come to drop his little 5-year-old girl off at her mother’s. Apparently, she spends every summer in New York with her dad . . . plus some holidays . . . and the school year is spent in Las Vegas at her mother’s. She’s just starting school this year, which might change things a little. What an awful arrangement.


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