ministry bound

So, here I am, sitting back at Ironwood.

I’m not even sure what I’m writing about, because I don’t feel like much has happened since I’ve gotten here. I left last Monday to drive out with my dad – about 32 hours on the road. We made just a couple interesting stops along our way on I-40. We stopped at the Oklahoma City Memorial which was actually quite cool. It’s a very artistic setup. Simple and clean. We were planning on staying in Oklahoma City that first night, but neither one of us was very tired from the trip, so we drove another 3.5 hours to Amarillo, TX. 1100 miles in 16.5 hours. I thought it was pretty good. It was over half of our trip. Tuesday we ended up staying at the Grand Canyon. [Yes, we actually stayed in the park.] We got there early enough to hike partway down into the canyon. I’ve flown over it quite a few times and thought it was really big, but standing there makes you realize how insane it really is. Dad really wants to hike all the way down sometime. So now we just have to find a guy to go with him. I told him maybe he’d get lucky and Amy or I would end up with a guy who loves the outdoors. Wednesday we made it to Ironwood a lot quicker than we expected. The Grand Canyon is only 5.5 hours from Ironwood instead of the 8 we were anticipating.  I drove Dad into Vegas to catch a flight that evening after we unloaded all of my stuff. The drive back from Vegas was exciting and beautiful. There’s just something about being “on your own” that is enjoyable. Although . . . I’m not really “on my own” cuz I’m surrounded by camp people, but it’s just different. I have a lot more responsibility than I’ve had before. [And freedom. They go hand-in-hand . . . remember?]

Thursday, all 5 of us Ministry Bound-ers and Pastor Ron left for our excursion. It was really cool and I laughed harder than I’ve laughed since the Vintage family was gathered together. I’m the only newbie for MB, and they decided I’ll fit in ok. I never had any doubts. :) They’re all fun people, and I tend to get along with people like that. We stayed overnight at Pine Summit, a camp located in Big Bear, CA. The setting is pretty much exactly the opposite of Ironwood – mountains, trees, cool weather – and it’s all gorgeous. But I’m very thankful for the setup Ironwood provides.

I feel like I’m home again.

Tomorrow starts work for MB. We’re doing a lot of orientation stuff this week still, so it won’t be a completely normal week for any of us yet. I’m excited to be on the Broken I|Ike’s Roost Program Team with Mr. Scott.

Anyways. That’s where I’m at. I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much with this post, but there it is.


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