better than sacrifice

As I was listening to a sermon on obedience a while ago, I was reminded that obedience is better than sacrifice [1 Samuel 15:22]. But I kept thinking, and that didn’t satisfy me. Yeah, I completely agree with that statement since it’s in the Bible, but I don’t think it stops there.

Think about it. Doesn’t obedience involve sacrifice a lot of the time?


Abraham and Isaac. [That’s more literal than I mean in general, but you understand.]
Daniel. He was willing to give his life. That’s huge.
Jim Elliot. He did give his life, but before that he gave his comfort, his possessions.

And no matter what, obedience always involves me saying no to other things. Granted, a lot of those times the other things just don’t appeal to me. But what about when they do? I think it explains why a lot of people have a problem with obedience. It requires submitting myself to someone else’s command . . . whether I agree with it or not.

So, yeah. Obedience is better than sacrifice.


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