counting my chickens . . .


I have a tax refund coming my way in just a week or so. I’m trying to decide what to do with the money. I have a whopping $229 that will arrive in my bank account, and I want to spend it wisely.

But I want to spend it.

On something fun.

And something for me.
[How selfish.]

Here’s the thing . . . I’ve been living off the money I’ve been receiving the past couple months just fine. I know that I have a good amount coming in for this month, and I feel like I haven’t purchased something really fun for myself in a while.

Please help me. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Graphire 6×8 Bluetooth tablet: I’ve wanted this for a while. I asked for one for Christmas, but knew it was too expensive to expect. It costs $250, so I would have to add just a little of my own money. It would be a fun design tool to have around.
  2. Clothes: I could definitely invest in more jeans. And more stuff I could wear around camp. I don’t know that it’s really necessary, though.
  3. Pedicure and books: I’d be able to save some money this way. And I could really use a pedicure. It would be nice to pamper myself. I could get a massage, too, but that’s just a thought. I should probably focus on reading the books I already have before I start buying more.
  4. Credit card debt: I want to pay off my card. I really do. I just don’t want to use this money to do it. And it’s not a lot of debt, anyways. I’m paying it off slowly, but surely.
  5. Design magazine subscription: I have a few in mind to choose from . . . Communication Arts, Step, HOW . . .

So those are my ideas. I’m also open to other ideas. If you have any good ones, please send them my way. Even if it’s over my budget, just tell me and I can drool over it.

At this point, I’m leaning towards the tablet.


4 thoughts on “counting my chickens . . .

  1. michellecrafton says:

    being frugal and a hater of debt, my vote would be pay off your credit cards. if you can continue to save as you’ve been paying it off, then after it’s paid off you might not have to chip in to buy your tablet since you’ll save that in interest.

    but realistically speaking, you (people) won’t save at the same rate you’ve been paying off your debt, and getting up to $250 will take forever. the wait will drive you crazy. buy it now for your sanity. or be patient.

    it’s your depressing voice of reason here… come in audrey… are you there?

  2. michellecrafton says:

    hey, i have to take back most of what i just typed. that was very man-centered, i think. maybe not. yes, it was.

    a friend recently asked me about making a purchase. she wanted to be wise in her decision. apparently i was a little more spirit-filled at that moment because my answer then was basically this: God WANTS to bless us. and He does. He may in fact want you to have that tablet. or He may want to relieve you of some debt. whatever it looks like on the outside, He wants to be your God on the inside. you should do what you would like to do, as long as it isn’t an idol in your heart. just because you save it and don’t spend it on material possessions doesn’t mean you’re not idolizing something. maybe your (my) idol would be to have no debt. and just because you buy something instead of saving doesn’t mean you are unwise or idolizing your new possession. as human as we are, we won’t idolize something one day, but then we will the next. just keep your heart in check and always ask for grace and love for Him. i suppose if we didn’t have any idols we would be always aware that we have all things in Christ. maybe that’s why He hates idolatry. it brainwashes us.

    sorry for the overanalysis so early in the a.m. my rambling is a bit embarassing…but i suppose that means that i just might be idolizing what people who read this think of me, huh? ; ) hope it makes sense. whatever your decision, i’d love to hear how it turns out.

    btw, i’m so glad to hear that you’re helping out a camp ministry. i know it’s not always easy to live so modestly, but be encouraged by your eternal reward.

  3. in my simple minded opinion best option is pay off the debt.
    but if you really want to use this money to buy something and have fun then i say the tablet would be amazing but then so would new clothes…urr…i see your predicament..clothes, tablet, clothes, tablet, clothes, tablet….too bad you can’t both…

    side note i like how you used an istock free image of the week. gotta love those. every sunday morning that download is a must:)

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