lucky petals


Last week, I had the opportunity to spend my first week with Horsemanship Campers ever. It was amazing.

I had a blast the entire week, and was thoroughly drained by the end of it. Not at all the highlight of my week, but an interesting part of it was my participation in the Shodeo. [Y’know . . . rodeos . . . well, we don’t do all the dangerous stuff, so it’s a Shodeo.]

I was asked to be one of the Shodeo clowns. It was a lot of fun planning the games for transition times and stuff. It was more fun finding all the things we needed [including my lovely flower at the Dollar Tree—the inspiration for my name, Petals]. One of my friends was the other clown, Lucky.

So, uh . . . yeah. Not everyone can say they’ve been a Shodeo clown.


2 thoughts on “lucky petals

  1. yay for shodeo clowns.
    i’ll see if i can dig up a picture or two from my appearance. i wasn’t nearly as fantastic as you were, i’m sure.


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