About a month ago, I began a blog post with this:

Within the past month, my emotions have gone haywire. It’s not that I’m manic depressive or anything. Although, I don’t exactly know what the problem is. I’m just sad and lonely a lot.

I decided not to continue through with that. What a pitiful post it would have been. But . . . it’s true. That’s how I felt. Somehow [like it’s really a difficult thing to do] I lost focus of Him again. The good news is that a friend of mine lit a fire under me without even knowing I needed one. I’m grateful for friends who continue to grow and produce a contagious Christianity. I’d like to let you peek inside my journal and see a few pages of what I’ve been learning. [Yes, I both journal and blog . . . one can’t take the place of the other. I’m adamant that there are some things that need to remain unpublished for the whole world to see.]

03.13.08 | .live.biblically.

Should be a cakewalk, right? Um . . . obviously not. How can I live that way without knowing the Bible? And why have I been ok living any other way? This thought came at the perfect time. How rebuking but motivating as well! I’m going to tackle the Sermon on the Mount. I think it’s a good starting point.

I think there are a few areas I really need to go after and figure out . . . I have a new passion and a new drive.

Thank God for growing friends.

This is a life-changing thought.


I find the principle of selflessness quite evident in Matthew 5. And selflessness when wronged.

  • If someone sues for your shirt, give him your coat, too.
  • If someone hits you, give him another shot.
  • If someone forcefully takes you one mile, go two.
  • Give to anyone who asks.
  • Don’t turn away from someone who wants to borrow.

Then Jesus says . . . “Here’s the principle: Love your enemies. Pray for your persecutors.”

And He says, “Live this way.”

03.15.08 | stop here. Matthew 6:1

“Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you will have no reward with your Father who is in heaven.”

  • Giving to the poor.
  • Praying [do it in secret . . . without using meaningless or repetitious phrases.]
  • Forgiving others
  • Fasting [look your best so others won’t even notice.]

Wow. This is huge. Probably one of my biggest struggles—to not draw attention when I do right. This is biblical living.

“Live this way.”

03.16.08 | live this way!

  • Store treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:20—21)
  • Don’t worry about life (Matthew 6:25—32)
  • Seek God’s kingdom first and foremost (Matthew 6:33)
  • Take care of your huge problems before you start judging others based on their little ones (Matthew 7:3—5)
  • In everything, treat others the way you would want to be treated (Matthew 7:12)
  • Beware of false prophets. [You can figure this out based on the bad fruit they produce.] (Matthew 7:15—20)
  • If you hear this [these words of Jesus] and act on it, you are wise (Matthew 7:24—25)

03.28.08 | John 10:27

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

Can you imagine how different life would be if we actually lived the way Jesus told us to? Look back . . . those were commands He gave us, not suggestions. Why are we content to live so selfishly? God gave us an example to follow by giving us Jesus. Not only was He given as our Redeemer, but as a Model for Life! There really is no excuse for our choices to disregard His life.


2 thoughts on “ow.

  1. “Can you imagine how different life would be if we actually lived the way Jesus told us to?”

    so true.
    seems if we would just do what God (who happens to know a bit more than we do) told us to life would kinda go alot closer to the way He intended it to go.

    thanks for sharing.

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