i’m sick [t5]

You might be wondering . . . How can this be a top 5 post?
Let me enlighten you.

I’m sick and these are the Top 5 things I enjoy when I’m sick.

  1. A nice, hot cup of tea. There are a lot of qualifiers on what a good cup of tea means to me. I’m very uncultured when it comes to tea flavors [and willingly admit that my palate is sadly limited]. I have never enjoyed hot tea that was anything but plain and simple Lipton. Yes, I know half of you would swear by your different tea flavors, but I am content to have my tastebuds satisfied. Lipton is the only thing that does it. The tea itself requires an insane amount of sugar, which isn’t good for my sickness but completely necessary for satisfaction. A handcrafted pottery mug from a friend is another important element. I have three I can choose from—mugs, not friends. I generally go with my VINTAGE mug . . . it’s the biggest and holds the most memories.
  2. Ramen. It’s true. I still remember when I was introduced to ramen noodles. I wasn’t sick at the time, but it quickly replaced the dreaded Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup as a staple during sickness. I was at my grandma’s house, and Steve Elmer [I have no idea why or how I remember his name still] was interning at their church and therefore living with my grandparents. I think I was probably 6 or 7 at the time. He came in at lunchtime and started making ramen. He made a general announcement about having ramen, and my sister and I looked inquisitively at him and asked, “What’s ramen?” Steve stood stunned for a moment. He then declared something about a sacrilege and made my sister and I each a helping. I was hooked from that point. Steve was a pretty cool guy, but the ramen is about the only thing I really remember vividly. And to think . . . if I had never met Steve I would probably still be choking down the water broth with “juicy” tidbits of chicken. [People, how can it not be juicy? It’s sitting in a bowl of water!]
  3. My glasses. I don’t really know why glasses make me feel better when I’m sick. They just do. And they’re stinkin awesome.
  4. Naps. I’m generally not a nap person. Well, maybe I should take that back. I was a nap person for the past two years of my life, but that was only to survive insane work hours. Don’t get me wrong. I love naps. I just normally can’t get to sleep during random times of the day. My body thinks sleep should not occur between the hours of 12:30—7:00 p.m. Unless I’m sick. Then weird things happen. Naps materialize out of nowhere. It really is a pleasant thing.
  5. Old movies. Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, Doris Day, Jimmy Stewart. The only explanation I have for this goes back to childhood as well. When I would end up staying home from school due to contagions and maladies [heh], we would flip over to AMC [back when it was still a decent source for movies] and watch the film classics.

Ah, yes. A hot cup of tea, a little ramen . . . old movies between peaceful dozes . . . the perfect life. [The glasses from back then aren’t even worthy of mentioning. Mom called me Goggles a few times . . . ] Sometimes sickness isn’t really all that bad. Unless you can’t breathe. Then it’s bad.


4 thoughts on “i’m sick [t5]

  1. my top five cures for what ails me are quite similar: a big glass of oj, homemade chicken noodle soup (somehow those little chunks of whatever in the campbell’s are hardly juicy to me, they sort of splinter in your mouth), my glasses (which are just stinkin’), naps, and all the lord of the rings i can take (great background noise for those gloriously long naps). of course, this only happens before you have children. after that you’ll be lucky to have a t1. but i think having a chloe to make me laugh all day just might be a better and faster cure.

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