the wish list

we look good

In accordance with tradition (I must admit I’m using the term “tradition” lightly . . . seeing as it’s only been two years), I’ve decided to post my wish list for all to see. This is in case Santa has given up his own tradition of reading through written letters, etc. (It’s also in case anyone interested in buying me a present is having a hard time coming up with ideas.) For the third year in a row . . . The List.

  • 2(+) GB jump drive
  • Computer case that is beefy enough to house not only my MacBook Pro (and associated cords), but also the new tablet my (amazing) boyfriend got me.
  • Ridiculously artistic earrings
  • Shocks for my car (I put this in my Christmas list because I hate to ask for them any other way)
  • Some new piano books, preferably by Gina Sprunger or Dan Forrest
  • Calligraphy stuff (pens, paints, inks, paper—no books, though)
  • A boyfriend

I’m sure you probably didn’t even notice, but yes, that last item is marked out.

Stop gasping right now.
The rest of the world needs oxygen, too.]

I will refrain from posting the entire story on my blog or facebook for that matter. If you’re interested in more details, oh well. ;) His name is Jon, and he’s a year older than me. We’ve been best friends for about 10 months or so. His future plans involve camp work and our abilities complement each other. We have a thing for Burger King. We’ll be spending part of Christmas break together, but we’ve already met each others’ parents (at the end of the summer) so there isn’t as much stress thinking about that. :) My parents are in love with him—ok, my mom really likes him and Dad thinks he’s a good guy, too.

I’m planning on posting some semblance of an update soon.

Until then, enjoy the Christmas season!