.:: the engagement story ::.


First of all, let me say I have the most amazing fiance in the world.

[Now for the story.]

I knew Jon started shopping for rings around February. We went to get my finger sized, and he wasn’t really trying to hide it from me. We looked at diamonds a couple times, and he shopped online, asking me about certain bands that he found. Once it started getting “for-real,” I happily let him do his thing. Not that I wasn’t curious, and not that I didn’t try to drive him crazy being nosey, but I did want to be surprised, and I knew he wanted to surprise me. So I let it sit.

I’ll be honest, it seemed like ages passed. I didn’t know if he had the ring yet, but I kept thinking he probably did. It was like everytime we went out, just the two of us, I got my hopes up. Especially within the past two months. But it never happened. I started telling myself I couldn’t do that anymore. I was always disappointed at the end of a date, and it wasn’t right to him for me to do that. I just needed to wait patiently. [And that is a hard thing to do!] So, I determined to not think about it, stop setting myself up for being grumpy, and just enjoy Jon and the fun we could have spending time together.

We had a few conversations about wedding planning and the timing. We want to get married in the fall, but Jon kept saying he couldn’t have a ring til mid-summer, which would leave me very little time to plan a wedding. [I’m a big advocate of waiting til you have a ring to start actually pulling things together, such as a church, bridesmaids, etc.] I was present when he told him parents over the phone that he was trying to be “as honest with Audrey about a ring as I can. We just need to be realistic.” So, that solidified in my mind that it would be July before we could get engaged.

We’ve been planning our trip over break for a couple months now, and it turned out that we got to come to Marina, CA to visit a friend for a little over a week. I pretty much ruled out the thought that it would happen anytime during that trip since he probably thought I would be expecting it. [He really wanted to surprise me.]

He asked me to bring along my dress that I bought last year but haven’t been able to wear yet. [The $10 Dress.] It’s dressy—black satin with ivory polka-dots. I don’t get to dress up often, so I was really excited about that! He told me we were going to have one night that was a “just-us” night. He said he had made sure it was ok with Geneva for us to go on a date, and he wanted to get all dressed up.

The plan was to go to San Francisco on Monday and have our date-night on Tuesday. Sunday, we realized that wouldn’t work very well. Traffic would be awful Monday since it was Memorial Day. So, we switched days and decided to go out on Monday night.

We got all dressed up—I curled my hair, which takes a ridiculously long time to do. We left around 5:30 and headed to Monterrey Bay for dinner. We had a little trouble finding the restaurant, but found it within a few minutes, and ordered quickly. Our food came out in no time. We were so surprised. This was supposed to be a long, enjoyable evening together, but we got done at the restaurant within 30 minutes. Wow! It was freezing outside (to me)—54 degrees and cloudy! Jon wanted to walk around downtown for a little bit, but we decided to forget that idea since it was so cold. We decided [spontaneously, I thought] to head over to the beach and walk around for a little bit down there, taking pictures, etc. I love the beach, so we agreed. [I don’t really enjoy swimming in the ocean, but I love beachiness.]

When we got out of the car at the beach, Jon picked up a wooden box wrapped in blue ribbon from under his seat. I was with him when he bought the box, and he had bought chocolates “secretly” at a store a couple days before. [In all honesty, I had seen him buy the chocolates.] I assumed that was what was in the box, and he was trying to be thoughtful and give me a yummy present. He kept saying something about the weather at least wouldn’t melt the gift. Yeah, chocolates, for sure. He told me the box was for me, but I couldn’t open it yet. I had to wait until we had walked a little bit. We walked around, taking pictures here and there. At one point, we thought we were being followed by Mr. Creepy [it was still light out, Mom]. We just stopped and waited for him to go away, and he did. We turned around and walked back down the beach, toward a tree that looked really cool. Jon said I could open the box.

He did a good job. The box was beautiful, and he had tied a light blue ribbon around it. He mumbled something about lots of tape and how hard it is to tie ribbon that way. I untied it, and opened the box.

Inside, a ring stared at me. I think I laughed, and then I noticed the card—”Miss Audrey, Will You Marry Me? Mr. JOn.” Wow! Where did he go? I turned around slightly, and noticed he was down on one knee. He asked me again, “Will you marry me?” this time verbally. I kept laughing, but said, “YES!” We took a few pictures of the box and then he put the ring on my finger.


On our way back to the car, he gave me the speech he had prepared to say to me. “It was too cold to remember.” It was really cold.

He did an amazing job. He chose one of my favorite places, and we had one of my favorite skies to take pictures with [the cloudy, gray kind]. He surprised me, which is how I’ve always hoped it would be. And I got the man of my dreams.


The ring is gorgeous. It has a Celtic love knot surrounding the diamond. The band has four small diamonds on either side. I hoped for this band. [He showed it to me once upon a time, and I fell in love with it.]