save your money!


Yesterday, I ventured out on my first actual couponing mission. I had gone to Albertson’s Sunday, but that was a trip for groceries, and they had pretty good deals already, not to mention my coupon collection is pretty sad and sickly at the moment.

Anyways, I went to Rite Aid. Now, normally I would think that Rite Aid is probably just a rip-off. But if you know how to work the system (that they provide for you), and are committed to doing a little homework, you can actually get great prices for stuff! They have recently started this coupons for videos deal, so you watch a commercial on their website, and they’ll give you $1.00—2.00 coupons off of the product you just watched. Two great things about this: you can pick the products you want to view from their list of shampoos, medical needs, toilet paper, etc. —AND— once you view 20 videos, they will give you a $5 off your $20 purchase coupon! WOW! Believe me, the savings add up. All you need is internet that will allow you to watch their commercials, and a printer. They’ll keep your coupons in a list until you print them off, then they are removed. I don’t have a printer where I get my internet service, so I just send them to print and then hold the job until I get home. And . . . viola! Savings!

Notice the picture above. I purchased all of this for $11.70. The toilet paper would normally be $11.00 itself. How did this happen? I carefully walked through the store, keeping my coupons in mind. I already knew I needed milk, and who doesn’t need more toilet paper, right? [I had a pretty good coupon for that, too.] I grabbed the conditioner because I had a coupon and needed it to help reach the total. I decided I could get the spices because I needed them anyways. I knew I would be pretty close to the $20 limit (you want to stay as close as possible), and when I got to the register is was $19 and some change, so I threw in the Orbit. I used the $5 off of $20 coupon first, then a $2.00 for the TreSemme and a $2.00 for the toilet paper—all from watching videos on the sight.


I am by no means a professional couponer, so you can see that it’s easy from the get-go! As I get more used to it, I know I’ll be able to plan my trips for even better savings. A friend of mine routinely saves more than she spends on her trips, and sometimes even gets away with only paying tax! If you’re willing to put forth the effort, you can save tons of money! Every drugstore has its own system. I wouldn’t be a Rite Aid shopper normally, but it’s the only store with reasonable prices within 45 minutes of home. Check out to figure out your best option. This website does most of the work for you—keeping updated posts on lots of different stores, even giving you examples of how to get the best savings.

Ok. I should go now. I need to get back to designing websites. [whew.]


2 thoughts on “save your money!

  1. Couponing is a great hobby to have. I am still amazed at all the great deals I am able to get week after week. Great job at Rite Aid! If ours was a bit closer or I didn’t have a 2 year old and a 6 month old I would be over there weekly too.

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