the blackest of fridays

Well, I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. Jon and I celebrated with several good friends from camp. We made stops at several houses during the day and enjoyed spending time with what feels like family to us.

Yesterday, we braved Lancaster’s Black Friday for some great deals to start out our holiday season.

Our first stop was Target at 6:30 am. We walked around the inside perimeter of the store, walking beside the “waiting-to-check-out” line about halfway around. Fabulous. We were able to get some good deals, though. Psych season 3 was $12.99 and I found some nice sweaters for $8.99 each. We also picked up Monopoly Deal! which wasn’t on sale, but still not a bad price. I enjoyed learning the game the day before. I sent Jon to head to wherever he needed to while I waited in line. [His goal was a new laptop, and Best Buy was next door, so off he went.] After a couple calls, he said he was headed to RadioShack, but then ended up back with me after about 15 minutes of my line-waiting.

Next, we headed to Bed Bath & Beyond [we still have LOTS of wedding gift cards] where we picked up some items we’ll need to have once we move from our current furnished house. I grabbed a 10-piece cooking set with pots & pans, complete with bonus items: 5 glass nesting bowls for prep and a lidded brownie pan for $50.00. We got the start of Mom’s Christmas present, a yummy candle for us, and a 5-Quart Crock Pot Slow Cooker for $13.99. Good deals at Bed Bath & Beyond!

Next we went to the mall — JCPenney’s for a special item (Christmas for Amy) and RadioShack to check out computers. Didn’t have what Jon wanted there, so we ventured on. We hit some Staples and and Office Depot; still not the right model of the acer computer we were looking for. We stopped at Kohl’s and picked up some towels ($2.50 bath towels, $1.50 hand towels) and a new bedding set for ourselves — a 20-piece set; normally $299, but on sale for $99!!! Crazy good deal. And then we proceeded to wait in line for 2 hours before getting out of the store with our purchases. We also received $10 back on every $50 spent, which is a nice reward.

A quick trip to Walmart to pick up a 30 piece Rubbermaid storage set for $7.00 and all my shopping stops were crossed off.

We looked at several more RadioShacks in Palmdale to no avail. After making a few calls, Jon wanted to head to Victorville, but then we found out they were sold out of his computer, too. We knew the RadioShack in the mall still had their acer computer (the right model, but bigger than Jon wanted). The one downside is that it was the computer on display, but we finally decided to go with that one since everyone was sold out and we were told they wouldn’t be ordering more. It was a good deal, and ended up being $50 off the price we were told which was nice.

Funny thing is, we got the computer home and the CD drive won’t read a blessed thing. Jon called and we heard back from the manager today that they will order him a new computer to replace this one! Yay!

We both decided that Black Friday has good deals, but it probably won’t be worth it for a few more years at least. :)


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