books in distress

Jon and I are in a very exciting time right now. We’re moving back to the place we love – Ironwood! God has opened up the opportunity for us to go back and minister with them as a few holes have opened up. I’ll be working in the kitchen until summer and Jon will be helping out on the program team in Rivertown. We’ll have the same arrangement we had last year as far as pay and benefits go. Housing and meals are provided!!! God has been teaching us how to live on a lean budget and now our grocery budget can relax for a while. I can’t wait to be back on a full-time work crew. :)

This means that we’ll be moving. We’ve kept a lot of stuff in storage at Ironwood, and we decided to look through our boxes since we’ve been living without this stuff for 7-10 months, depending on when we packed it away. Those of you living in the area can think back to all those wonderful rain storms we had within the past few months. Unfortunately, those rains didn’t do good things to our boxes. We had two boxes of close-to-ruined things waiting to be discovered. Of course it couldn’t have been the things that don’t matter a lot to us. My plastic bowls and storage containers are in perfect condition. No, it happened to be Jon’s nice western wear (the shirt I bought him for his birthday last year!!! and a nice vest) as well as a blanket from his childhood and an entire box of precious books. Among the spoils, my beautiful Vintage from 2007, my Bible from high school and college that has all of my favorite passages and verses marked, my book of Carl Sandburg poems (Honey and Salt), The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis, and several other Christian non-fiction books that I’ve really enjoyed. Some of the books weren’t hard to throw away, but the most damaged ones were the ones that I can’t get rid of, so we’re now looking for ways to remove mold (and lots of it) from these books. Luckily, I think we can salvage all of Jon’s damaged things. They’re in the washer right now . . . I’m most concerned about his western shirt (bright white) that now has pink spots (from what?!) and blackish mold. I think bleach is going to become my best friend.

So it seems like now God has moved on from teaching us to trust him without work to teaching me to remove myself from possessions. Blah.

I’m going to go check my laundry now.