Intense Hues

I love being involved with art.

I’m in the middle of brainstorming a painting. It’s been in my head for almost a year now. I think I may finally have the time to tackle it during the break. It’s really more of a design on canvas than a painting. I still don’t know what I’m going to title it.

The main focus is “Stand in Awe of Him” but I want a one or two-word title. The plan is thick gesso with phrases from Psalms carved in with some sweet colors. I’m trying to decide whether I want to go with warm or cool hues. I just don’t know about which attitude I want to portray – more worshipful (warm – burnt oranges and yellows) or more calming/comforting (cool – blues and hints of green). I’m leaning toward the warm. I love intensity.

If it turns out, it may be my commencement piece.



Sometimes you end up doing things that you thought you never would.

A little thought was planted in my mind by a pretty cool person. He said something along the lines of…”We don’t go around looking for these things. God just brings them to us, and then we know it’s our responsibility.” I’m probably paraphrasing very badly, but I think I’m still getting the basic idea across.

Tonight in prayer group we played a fun game. Take an everyday object and apply it to your spiritual life. Here’s what we came up with . . .

  • jump drive: our sins aren’t stored forever on God’s list; they can be removed.
  • watch: we need to make every second of our lives count
  • gouache paint: God brings us things that we don’t always enjoy, but they’re there to help us rely on Him and teach us lessons
  • magnets: I can’t let anything get between me and God because my attraction to Him will be interrupted
  • paintbrush: without God’s hand, I can’t do anything. I’m like a paintbrush without an artist
  • play-dough: I should be able to molded by God’s hand to become whatever He wants me to be
  • wd-40: this was compared to God’s Word. Without constantly being in the Bible, I become squeaky and get stuck in a rut. But if I’m constantly in God’s Word, things will tend to run smoothly
  • stapler: we can rely on God to keep our lives together
  • tube of toothpaste: I need to watch what I do and say, because once something has occurred, it can’t be taken back. Just like once the toothpaste is out, it can’t be put back in.
  • lint roller: A lint roller picks up black from a black sweater or white from a white sweater. It picks up whatever it’s around. I need to surround myself with godly people because they will rub off on me.
  • ball: God has the whole world in His hands

Lastly, the thing I chose was an eraser. At first, I didn’t know what I was going to say, but then I was hit with a thought. Ok, as an artist, I always dreaded drawing class because I can’t draw. To me, the most important tool isn’t the pencil, but the eraser. I constantly focus on all the mistakes I make. If you study a true artist, you can’t help but notice how free they are in their strokes. They aren’t concerned with stray lines or things that may seem out of place. They just keep drawing. And in the end, they produce a beautiful work of art. I don’t have to be so focused on all the mistakes I make. God doesn’t say, “Wow. You royally messed that one up, Stees. We’re gonna have to go back and erase that.” I limit God when I feel like I’ve made a mistake that He can’t handle. He takes whatever mistakes I make and brings them all back to glorify Himself. I don’t have the capability to mess up God’s plan for my life. Taking this back to the classroom example, a lot of the times, I was so focused on drawing the line just right that I would erase something fifty times. I wasted over half the class period at times trying to make sure I was doing something perfectly instead of realizing that sometimes it’s the little oddities that add so much.

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Apples Galore

You should be jealous. I’m in the Apple store in NYC at the moment. I’ve been gone from the bubble land for almost 24 hours. And awake for most of those. But today has been lots of fun, just hanging out with friends – in pants, feeling normal. And this makes me want my macbook so much sooner!!!

Fun times. Hopefully I can update regularly on the trip.

Da Vinci

I think I'm finally beginning to understand all the hype behind Dan Brown's book. I am getting through it quite quickly. I've only been reading for two days, but I know I'll be finished by the end of the evening. He is an amazing author.

Of course, we all know it's not his writing skills that have caused the problem. It's the content of the book. Everything seems to be tied together quite well but it is obviously fiction. Although if the rest of the stuff he's claiming true is really true, it's quite interesting to know all this stuff.

After going through History of Art (two semesters worth) I still have question that a female is actually beside Jesus in The Last Supper. It was interesting, though, to note some of the things about the paintings. And it was cool because I was remembering what these different paintings looked like. For example, I could understand the difference mentioned between Madonna of the Rocks and Virgin of the Rocks. I feel like I've been well-educated.

Anyways, as art is a passion of mine, it's a great book. I don't think I could really recommend it because of the content of it, but it has kept my interest. I was a little freaked out the last couple nites, though. I guess no reason, really, but my mind has a tendency to wander and ponder strange things late at nite/early morning. That's another reason I know I'll be done with the book by the end of the nite. Lol. It has to be resolved before I sleep again.