I am inspired right now by a few people . . .

Mary Lekoshere, who was inspired by Melissa Muth, has decided to blog one work of art daily during the month of October. I admit that I am jealous of her truly artistic abilities. Not only is she a fabulous artist, she has a way with words that will command a smile with almost every blog post. The one thing I can brag above her is that I know my way around computers. :) In this transition time, I have found myself with quite a bit of down-time. I am actively seeking employment, but there are only so many places you can apply. Now has begun the online search while waiting to hear back from other companies. Anyways, I was just trying to say there’s a lot of free time. Between cleaning the house and car, laundry, and meals, I have . . . nothing . . . to do. Maybe I will devote some time to redeveloping the quickness necessary for designers. I want to pick up sketching again. So, Mary, thanks for your inspiration.

Deb Buckingham has also inspired me. She is the only person I have ever personally observed work coupon magic. After sending me to a couple websites (A Full Cup and My Frugal Adventures), I got hooked. The one problem I’ve  run into is that I don’t have a printer at the same time that I have internet service. (Thank you, Internet Cafe.) I’m definitely not complaining. It just makes it hard to print all those coupons. After returning home tonight, I will see if my plan to print will actually work. This is another free-time spender. It requires a little more research, but once I get started, I know I’m going to enjoy it a LOT! I love saving money (even though my dad might argue otherwise).

Web designers in general have inspired me. Yesterday, my amazing husband decided it was worth the investment to purchase a book that will help me master web design. In all honesty, that was the only class during college I didn’t feel benefited me. It didn’t click then. I could make a website look good, but I couldn’t guarantee that it would work. And I have been wanting to figure it out ever since. So, now I have the time and the resources, and I am determined to become a proficient web designer. This is where most of my free time will be spent. (As soon as I get done with this crazy blog post.)

Today was the first day I spent separated from my husband since our wedding day. It was good. And I can’t wait to see him when he comes home. Look at him, out there bringing home the bacon. Yes, that is my husband. And after dinner ( . . . maybe before?) we will have our second tennis date. Last night was fabulous. We are horrible. :)


counting my chickens . . .


I have a tax refund coming my way in just a week or so. I’m trying to decide what to do with the money. I have a whopping $229 that will arrive in my bank account, and I want to spend it wisely.

But I want to spend it.

On something fun.

And something for me.
[How selfish.]

Here’s the thing . . . I’ve been living off the money I’ve been receiving the past couple months just fine. I know that I have a good amount coming in for this month, and I feel like I haven’t purchased something really fun for myself in a while.

Please help me. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Graphire 6×8 Bluetooth tablet: I’ve wanted this for a while. I asked for one for Christmas, but knew it was too expensive to expect. It costs $250, so I would have to add just a little of my own money. It would be a fun design tool to have around.
  2. Clothes: I could definitely invest in more jeans. And more stuff I could wear around camp. I don’t know that it’s really necessary, though.
  3. Pedicure and books: I’d be able to save some money this way. And I could really use a pedicure. It would be nice to pamper myself. I could get a massage, too, but that’s just a thought. I should probably focus on reading the books I already have before I start buying more.
  4. Credit card debt: I want to pay off my card. I really do. I just don’t want to use this money to do it. And it’s not a lot of debt, anyways. I’m paying it off slowly, but surely.
  5. Design magazine subscription: I have a few in mind to choose from . . . Communication Arts, Step, HOW . . .

So those are my ideas. I’m also open to other ideas. If you have any good ones, please send them my way. Even if it’s over my budget, just tell me and I can drool over it.

At this point, I’m leaning towards the tablet.

user error

I am frustrated.

Not really over-the-top frustrated, just a little frustrated. I’m supposed to print as many books as possible between today and tomorrow lunch. My goal was to get 40 done. Looking at the amount of time it’s taken to print each book, that would tentatively take about 20 hours. I was hoping to still get that accomplished. I started with 30 just for sanity’s sake. Anyways . . . so I’ve been printing since about 9:30 this morning (it’s almost 4:00 now). So I’ve put in a good amount of work. And I just realized that 3 sections that I’ve printed (thank goodness I had only printed 12 copies of each) was off. The paper guides got loose and started not feeding the paper exactly straight which means my page number ended up about halfway closer to the margin that it was supposed to be. Bla. So here I sit . . . watching paper guides.

The good news is that the designing part of the process is pretty much over with. I have 1 picture I need to replace, and hopefully we’ll get a good picture of the arena at Shodeo tomorrow which means that will be taken care of.

I just hate more than anything to feel like I’m wasting something. Like time and paper, for example.

design. yum.

And at this moment, I’m wishing I was at the National Stationery Show in NYC. My face is one of jealousy right now.

But ! I found some wonderful site that has great slides from the NSS. It made my face light up. Please partake. It’s yummy! From design*sponge . . .

Also, here are a few links in order to make your day more design friendly.

nantaka joy – Ok, so the site isn’t up yet, but you may want to frequent this later. Great stuff in the show!
HAMMERPRESS – Letterpress goodies. I wanted to eat them up.
Studio Olivine – More letterpress goodies. Although the size of their examples leaves much to be desired.
Night Owl Paper Goods – Fun letterpress ideas. You can even buy some cards for yourself!

I even put a couple of these links in my blogroll. Make sure to check out design*sponge which is where I found most of these!


Change has always bothered me. I guess I’m a true fundamentalist.

Today marks maybe the biggest change yet. College graduation. I don’t enjoy the mix of emotions that goes with the day. It frustrates me to no end to be so excited about being finished with my formal school training (I hope to never stop learning), but be so sad about leaving everyone I love so much.

The exciting thing is that when people ask me what I’m doing, I’m able to tell them something. “I have a couple options I’m looking at . . . ”

for the summer, I’ll be working at Camp Ironwood as a designer. That will take me through August.

After that I’m hoping to move back to Greenville. I’m actually in contact with 3 companies located in the area right now. Gibbons|Peck is the small marketing company where I had my internship. They have interest in me and will be able to let me know something by July.

VantagePoint is another company I’ve talked to. I sent in my resume and portfolio and had an interview with the Creative Director who wants to keep in touch over the summer and then re-evaluate options in August.

Lastly, I dropped my portfolio off at Greenville Magazine after receiving information that they were looking for a graphic designer to fill an open position starting in August. This is the job I’m really praying I get. It’s all about layout which is what I love to do.

That’s the basic gist of what . . . well, actually that’s pretty much exactly what I say.

The last week of my college career was filled with fun. A job interview, a freakish scramble to collect money from very elusive graphic designers, a 20-minute packing session of most of my junk from 4 years of college, one last run to Starbucks with the Vintage family, a quick overview of the last 100 days of my life, memories shared from the last year, laughter with roommates, stressfulness of last-minute change of plans, bob-hugs, a poetry reading, falling out of a chair in front of lots of strangers and a few friends, my 3rd date while in college, presenting a years’ worth of work in 5 minutes, being proud of friends receiving [much deserved] awards, meeting new people, my last attempt at finals ever, a 4.0 for the semester . . . which included several loud screams of joy after receiving the email, the last demerit received in a lifetime, walking through the doors of the Vintage office for the last time as a staffer, tears. Love.

All that was felt and done this week was in some way developing me.


Life would pretty much stink without it.


So here I am. Once again.

But I’m not torn into pieces.

My friend said something funny to me the other day. We were discussing Ann Coulter and we had a disagreement. He tends to become very intense when he argues (i.e., yelling, screaming, turning red and purple). So he yelled at me, “If you could comprehend enough to agree with me, then maybe we could have a conversation!”

Um. yeah. I laughed pretty loudly and obnoxiously over that one. (I know you don’t think I could ever be obnoxious.)

Moving on . . . less than 60 days (that’s 2 months!) before I graduate. That tentatively means that it’s less than 2 months till I get to see Bob, Rebekah and Sarah! How exciting. Although, lots of moves are going on, so I don’t know if that changes any plans.

I’m hoping to get inspired here in a few minutes. I need to produce a few more pieces for my show.

So yeah. Now that I can post to my blog . . . I have nothing to say. Sorry for boring you to death.


That’s how I feel life is right now. Completely pointless.

I think it’s just the weekends that get me down. Other than that, I don’t have a lot of time to think. I think we’re at 63 days until graduation, too. That’s a frightening thought. At least I know what I’ll be doing for a few months after that.

So I’ve been researching existentialism lately. Interesting. I want to know a lot of things. I wish I could carry my curiosity (in almost everything) through to a full understanding.

In other news, our design show opens in 21 days. Yes folks, a mere 3 weeks from now, I will be available to sign any and all autographs. The height of my college career is over in 75 minutes. That’s pointless.