fulfilled wishes


I love Christmas. I think it’s the combination of things that I love so much. The cold, the family time, the decorations, the food [oh, yes, so much the food], reading the Christmas story by the fire, glitter, candles, the music, taking pictures, . . . and the sister that sings with every holiday song no matter if she knows the words or not, no matter if it’s the 5th time the song has played in the past 30 minutes, and no matter how long you’ve been driving. All that to say, I honestly think that the gifts are a very little part of the holiday for me. I like giving gifts, and I won’t try to lie and say I don’t like receiving gifts, but most of my Christmas joy comes from the atmosphere and the history of the holiday.

With that being said, I put up my wish list a few posts back, so I have to list what I got.

Ski jacket. I actually jumped around the room when I opened it. Let’s just say I really needed one!
Let Me Be a Woman. A book by Elizabeth Elliot. I love the typeface they used, too. Always makes it easier to read.
Necklace. A cool artsy necklace Amy got me from Blue Skies, one of the coolest stores in downtown Chattanooga.
Hoodies. Much needed. And they’re cool. Both from American Eagle. Mom did a good job.
Hair turban. No, I’m not converting. Mom couldn’t find a hair towel, but the turban works just as well. :)
Track jacket. PUMA. It’s my first PUMA article of clothing. Brown and pink. Can’t go wrong there.
The 10 Most Common Objections to Christianity. A book by Alex McFarland. It will be a very practical read.
Peace on Earth tee. I love the color [fuschia], I love the design. And who doesn’t want peace? ;)
Sweater jacket. I wasn’t sold on it at first, but when I put it on, I liked it. It’s short-sleeved. It’s cool.
Discipline. Another Elizabeth Elliot book. I love her style of writing.
Money. $50 cash from various relatives in Florida.

A couple things that didn’t quite make the cut . . .

Jeans. I think I could find some I like better.
PUMA shirt. I didn’t like the color [BRIGHT PINK] or the fit.
Long-sleeve tee. An oh-so cute red tee with a very wintry design. Just too short.

And now, what I gave to the fam.

Mom: the game Banangrams and the movie Amazing Grace.
Dad: Volume 1 in The Civil War by Shelby Foote.
Amy: A book about the lives of many classical composers and an Audrey original handmade journal [and pretty sweet, if I do say so myself].

I hope your Christmas was as merry as mine.

fall semester

A few pictures from the fall semester of Ministry Bound 07.

Crunchy sand is one of my favorite things about the desert.

Arbuckle Mine . . . we hiked up to it on our trip to Afton Canyon.

I loved the color of this chair.

Scott’s favorite saying is “Camp is best when camp is running.” I agree.
This was one of our first off-season camps; a spiritual emphasis with junior-highers.

This is my boss, Scott, with his son Micah and daughter Kezia.
This is from the day we went to Afton.

Here are a few pictures from our camp field trip.




And last of all, the crew from Ministry Bound.