i’m sick [t5]

You might be wondering . . . How can this be a top 5 post?
Let me enlighten you.

I’m sick and these are the Top 5 things I enjoy when I’m sick.

  1. A nice, hot cup of tea. There are a lot of qualifiers on what a good cup of tea means to me. I’m very uncultured when it comes to tea flavors [and willingly admit that my palate is sadly limited]. I have never enjoyed hot tea that was anything but plain and simple Lipton. Yes, I know half of you would swear by your different tea flavors, but I am content to have my tastebuds satisfied. Lipton is the only thing that does it. The tea itself requires an insane amount of sugar, which isn’t good for my sickness but completely necessary for satisfaction. A handcrafted pottery mug from a friend is another important element. I have three I can choose from—mugs, not friends. I generally go with my VINTAGE mug . . . it’s the biggest and holds the most memories.
  2. Ramen. It’s true. I still remember when I was introduced to ramen noodles. I wasn’t sick at the time, but it quickly replaced the dreaded Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup as a staple during sickness. I was at my grandma’s house, and Steve Elmer [I have no idea why or how I remember his name still] was interning at their church and therefore living with my grandparents. I think I was probably 6 or 7 at the time. He came in at lunchtime and started making ramen. He made a general announcement about having ramen, and my sister and I looked inquisitively at him and asked, “What’s ramen?” Steve stood stunned for a moment. He then declared something about a sacrilege and made my sister and I each a helping. I was hooked from that point. Steve was a pretty cool guy, but the ramen is about the only thing I really remember vividly. And to think . . . if I had never met Steve I would probably still be choking down the water broth with “juicy” tidbits of chicken. [People, how can it not be juicy? It’s sitting in a bowl of water!]
  3. My glasses. I don’t really know why glasses make me feel better when I’m sick. They just do. And they’re stinkin awesome.
  4. Naps. I’m generally not a nap person. Well, maybe I should take that back. I was a nap person for the past two years of my life, but that was only to survive insane work hours. Don’t get me wrong. I love naps. I just normally can’t get to sleep during random times of the day. My body thinks sleep should not occur between the hours of 12:30—7:00 p.m. Unless I’m sick. Then weird things happen. Naps materialize out of nowhere. It really is a pleasant thing.
  5. Old movies. Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, Doris Day, Jimmy Stewart. The only explanation I have for this goes back to childhood as well. When I would end up staying home from school due to contagions and maladies [heh], we would flip over to AMC [back when it was still a decent source for movies] and watch the film classics.

Ah, yes. A hot cup of tea, a little ramen . . . old movies between peaceful dozes . . . the perfect life. [The glasses from back then aren’t even worthy of mentioning. Mom called me Goggles a few times . . . ] Sometimes sickness isn’t really all that bad. Unless you can’t breathe. Then it’s bad.

t5 – to do

My Top 5 list today deals with my life’s to do list.
It’s not crazy, but these need to happen before I die.
Well, they don’t need to, but they’re goals I have.

1. Learn glassblowing.
2. Own a Rottweiler.
3. Visit Italy.
4. Record a cd.
5. Design and publish my own site.

So there are some goals I feel like I can accomplish within the next 10 years.
How exciting.

top 5 – date ideas

Ok. So maybe I feel a little odd doing this Top 5. But seriously, maybe some of you guys need help. Of course, this is just a personal list and so it wouldn’t work for everyone . . . but most would probably work for lots of girls.

1. Cooking. I love cooking. I love cooking with friends . . . so I can only assume I would probably enjoy cooking with a significant other. Never tried this, though, so who knows if it would actually be as much fun as I think.

2. Duke basketball. Ok, I’ll admit that this one is probably not anywhere near the top of the list for most females. But I love Duke basketball. And any man willing to spend enough to get me a ticket (especially for the Duke|UNC or Duke|Maryland games) gets mega bonus points with me.

3. Glassblowing. I want to learn how to do this anyway, so why not have a first encounter on a date? Just make sure you don’t get burned.

4. Rock City’s Enchanted Garden of Lights. This one can only take place in the winter months in Chattanooga, TN. I haven’t been to this myself, which I don’t really mind, cuz I hear it’s pretty romantic, so I’m saving that outing for when I can go with someone besides my family.

5. Kite-flying. Yes. On the beach. In a field. It matters not. Windy days are beautiful. This one will happen.

Yeah. Like it or not, there they are.

T5 Websites

I have a MacBook Pro. In fact, I’m typing on it right now. I’ve had it for almost a week. Early graduation presents are the best!

I haven’t done a Top 5 in a while, so maybe I should do one again.

Hm . . . choosing a topic is the worst.

Top 5 Websites (and 5 extras)

1. www.veer.com: this is where I travel for all my creative inspiration. Ok, not all of it, but a lot of it has inspired me. And they have amazing desktops. I’ve actually designed a few desktops myself now for fun. It’s great. If you’re a designer, go to the Ideas tab, scroll down and you’ll notice on the right side some little goodies. (The left side has the desktop link) Check out Stream of Consciousness video. Explaining the designing process. LOVE IT.
2. www.jbarnettphotography.com: this is a friend’s photography site. Every photo on here is amazing. Except one. But the rest are pretty good.
3. www.prologuefilms.com: Kyle Cooper. Amazing. I would love to do this for the rest of my life.
4. www.wefeelfine.org: I love the layout of this site. (Not the initial site you’re taken to, but the one after you click to open the actual site.) Play around. It’s a pretty cool concept. I found this on Veer.
5. www.artinfo.com/theaiinterview.aspx: this was also found on Veer. (You know why it’s my #1 site!!!) Excellent source for contemporary artist bios. I wish I had this in History of Art when I wrote my Chuck Close paper . . .
6. www.jargonboy.com: I love this concept. The alphabet with design. Teach your kids with style. Amazing.
7. www.janfamily.com: the cover pic cracks me up. I only started going through this site, but I enjoyed what I saw. It will receive a return visit for sure. Probably a few.
8. www.swedendesign-hk.com: yeah. Hot stuff.
9. www.imaginaryforces.com: this was where Kyle Cooper was before he started Prologue Films. It just got too big for him, so he moved on to start PF where he could keep a smaller staff and be more hands on. They still do amazing stuff.
10. www.ikea.com: what can I say. Cheap furniture is always a plus.

So . . . I couldn’t limit myself. These were all slightly more design related choices than anything. Maybe I’ll discover some websites one day that don’t have to do with design, but for now I’m content to pick design over function.

Restaurants – Top 5

Yes. You may not know this, but I am a connoisseur of the culinary arts. After all, I’ve lived with a culinary arts major, taken a cooking class for fun, and lived with my mother – possibly the best cook there is. I’ll be honest, I’ve also watched the Food Network when I have some free time. Ooh, one more thing. I toured the set of Iron Chef. So that makes me worthy. Oh yeah, and I eat.

1. Bonefish Grill – best appetizer (Bang Bang Shrimp)
2. Texas Roadhouse – best rolls & best sides; I always make a meal out of their veggie plate
3. Sticky Fingers – best BBQ (I recommend the Cheesy Chicken Sandwich)
4. Southside Grill – you have to come to Chattanooga to get this. It’s a local favorite.
5. Carrabba’s Italian Grill – best Italian; my favorite is the Tagliarini Picchi Pacchiu with chicken

Other (less expensive) favorites include Chick-fil-A for fast food, McDonalds for their ice cream, and Travinia’s for dessert.

Christmas Memories – T5

You guessed it. It’s about time for another Top 5. Yeah, right. But I’m here to hand out my favorite Christmas memories.

1. Christmas 2002 – the last Christmas spent in Illinois with my dad’s side of the family. There were lots of us running around in one house. And mostly females. It was when I really started to get along with my uncle. He got this plastic tie hanger that could hold like 40 ties and everytime someone else opened a present, he came up with a new use for his tie-holder. For instance, it doubled as a rotisserie, a rack to cool cookies, a tv antennae, or seriously about 20 other things, each equally as funny. Lots of laughing was involved.
2. The yearly tradition of going to get the tree. A few years back, we started making a day of it and going to a tree farm to pick one out. Good family time and we always manage to get the perfect tree.
3. The Vintage Christmas party this year. We had lots of fun singing carols (and we sounded good), decorating, and eating tons of good food. And the gift exchange was interesting, too. I love those people.
4. Watching A Christmas Story for the first time with my family about 3 years ago. Another time full of laughs.
5. I’m not sure this was Christmas, but there was snow, so it should count. Especially in Tennessee. I got run over by a runner sled while crossing the street (without looking both ways, obviously). I was knocked unconscious and woke up inside wondering what happened. My neighbors swore the sled aimed for me. It was funny.

Right now I’m watching It’s a Wonderful Life with my family and just enjoying the evening. And tomorrow . . . CHRISTMAS!

The Beginning of Something Big

I think that I’m going to steal an idea from Stephen O’Bryan which was stolen originally from Dave Ruse. I’m going to do a Top 5. Whenever I get bored (or whenever I feel like it), I’m going to do another Top 5 post about whatever I feel like rating that day.

Today . . . Artists.

1. Chuck Close
2. Leonardo da Vinci
3. Jonathan Andrews (one of my teachers)
4. Piet Mondrian
5. Mark Rothko

This may seem bogus that Mr. Andrews beat out Mondrian and Rothko, but I seriously LOVE his style. I want him to marry my sister just so I can have some of his artwork! He’s amazing. Again, this is my Top 5. You can make your own.